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Canada proposes biometric plan for Canadian visa holders

Canada is working towards the system and it is being hoped that the biometric data processing for all visitors applying for a Canadian visa will become operational in 2011. However, it will take another two years to make the biometrics system become fully functional in all the provinces of Canada.

The latest measure requiring biometric details from all the visitors applying for a Canadian visa is an effort to curb identity fraud in the country and to ensure the security of the citizens of Canada.

“Biometrics will significantly contribute to Canada’s existing measures designed to reduce identity fraud and enhance the safety and security of Canadians,” revealed the spokesperson for CIC.

Once the biometrics system goes underway, it will become mandatory for all those applying for temporary resident visas, Canadian study visas and Canadian work visas to provide their digital fingerprints along with their photograph taken in person before entering Canada.

Meanwhile, the biometrics plan was discussed at the annual conference of the Canadian Bureau for International Education by various Canadian universities last week. When executed, the plan is likely to cause delays in the processing of the Canadian Study Permit applications.

Canada is the latest nation to join the list of nations requiring biometric details from people seeking immigration to the country. Apart from Canada, countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and France already have a biometric system in place for all those requiring immigration to any of these countries.

While US had a biometric system for the last five years, UK will execute the process of seeking biometric details in 2011.


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