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German national deported, claims unfair treatment by officials

On the 22nd of June, a German national was deported from the twin-island Federation of Nevis and St. Kitts after it was found that he was violating immigration laws.

Since 2006, Wilhelm ‘Willy’ Kuttler was living in Molineus Village, but he was deported to his country of origin because he overstayed the time allotted to him by immigration department and failed to regularize his status.

In the afternoon, Kuttler was seen with two immigration officers who were processing his deportation documents. He said that he was told just on the day of deportation by immigration officers that he was residing illegally and that he would be deported.

Kuttler said that he was at his home in Molineux when immigration officers arrived and told him about his illegal status in the country. He said that his passport had expired, and he was not given enough time to make arrangements. In addition to this, he was not even allowed to pack his luggage.

Kuttler admitted that he wasn’t regularizing his status, but said that he sent his documents in 2007 to the Consulate in Trinidad in order to get his passport renewed and legalize his status in the country.

He said that Consulate officials told him that his documents never reached them and that what made him an illegal immigrant. Kuttler claimed improper treatment by immigration officials and termed it as absolutely unfair.

Chesley Hamilton, Kuttler’s legal counsel, said that the whole issue disturbed him and doubted if proper procedures were initiated by the officials.

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