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Case of Filipino nanny uncovers the unfairness in the system

An online report stated that the Filipino nanny who is now on verge of being deported from Canada said that she was literally forced to work illegally in Canada because the immigration system of Canada took too much time in issuing her new work permits.

CBC News reported that Rolyn Mirano, 39 years, cam to Calgary in Alberta, Canada on a two-year contract in order to work as a live-in caregiver in Canada.

She said that she had planned to apply for permanent residency and even bring her two children to Canada, both of whom are currently in Philippines.

But things turned rather ugly when the family that hired her decided to move to Mexico after she completed just eleven months of her contract and she was left alone in Calgary to look after herself.

But she was lucky to find another family that agreed to employ her and before her new work permit arrived, she started working for them in an illegal manner.

After her work permit finally arrived six months later, her employer had decided to let her go because they claim her to be unskilled. Following this, she simply went from one employer to another.

But when Mirano actually found her latest job and was eagerly waiting for her work permit, Immigration Canada called her where she admitted that she had been working in Canada without proper papers.

But in the same report, immigration lawyer Michael Greene said that foreign workers are forced to work illegally in Canada because they need to earn money to live.

Mirano told CBC News that she was left with no option as she had to survive.

Greene also stated in the report that the case of this Filipino nanny clearly uncovers the unfairness in the Canadian system for temporary workers.

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