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Citizenship and immigration Canada has declared certain changes in the Citizenship Act that would come under implementation around April 17, 2009.


The new law would restore the citizenship of some individuals who lost it earlier and would grant citizenship to certain people who have applied for it.

People who would stand eligible for restoration of citizenship would of following category:

(1) People who became citizens along with the implementation of Canada citizenship act on January I, 1947 or people who were born in Canada before 1947. This would also include British people who stayed n Canada before 1947 for minimum 5 years and then lost the status of citizen.
(2) People who became the citizen of Canada or the one who took birth in Canada on or after January 1, 1947, but then lost the citizenship due to some reason.
(3) People who took birth out of Canada on or after January 1, 1947 whose parents had Canadian citizenship at the time of the birth. This would be applicable in the case of the first generation born abroad. People of this category are eligible to get the citizenship of Canada as per the new law.
(4) Person who was adopted by Canadian parents after the implementation of Canada Citizenship Act of January 1, 1947 is also eligible for citizenship of Canada.

The changes are incorporated keeping in mind those people who have all the right enjoy the citizenship status of Canada, but they lost it under the law of January 1, 1947. The new law will help those eligible people to get back or simply get the citizenship of Canada.

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