Nova Scotia’s New Immigration Stream Announced

Canada, 13th January: Nova Scotia’s new immigration stream has been announced.

The new Nova Scotia immigration stream has become effective from January this year.

Nova Scotia's New immigration StreamNova Scotia Demand—Express Entry—Nova Scotia Demand-Express Entry is the name of the new immigration stream announced by Nova Scotia. It may be notable that this new immigration stream of Nova Scotia will be replacing the earlier Regional Labor Market Demand stream.

<blockquote> Nova Scotia has announced its new immigration stream to replace its earlier Regional Labor Market Demand stream from this January. </blockquote>

Details of Nova Scotia Immigration Stream—As per the information available, the new immigration stream will be having 350 new immigration nominations. So, it will make the total nominations to 1,050 in 2015 from the earlier 700 in the last year. It means an increase of fifty percent in the provincial nominations.

It will be meant for aspirants of Nova Scotia permanent residency.

No need of job offer for applying—Yes, unbelievable as it may sound but it is quite true. Nova Scotia Nominee Program(NSNP) will provide the opportunity to eligible applicants for living and working in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia will allow the nominee and his or her spouse/common-law partner and dependent children aged below 19 years to get Canada permanent residency after the approval by the government of Canada.

Who is eligible to apply?—Aspiring applicants will get assessed as per the points grid. This points grid will take into consideration factors like language ability, work experience, age, adaptability factors, education and also the factor of having an arranged offer of job from any employer based in Nova Scotia.

So, an applicant must score a minimum of 67 points. And a minimum of one year full-time(or equivalent part-time work experience) work experience in the period of past five years in any of the 29 skilled opportunity occupations that happen to be in-demand.

Opportunity occupations—Opportunity occupations include engineering, healthcare, science, finance, computing industries etc.

Meanwhile, it needs to be noted that this list can be changed by Nova Scotia government at any point of time.

Points of adaptability for arranged employment in Nova Scotia—An applicant having an arranged employment in Nova Scotia in any skilled opportunity occupation will be getting adaptability points. In addition, the applicant will get adaptability points if he or she has studied in Nova Scotia previously.

Moreover, if the applicant’s accompanying common-law partner or spouse has studied in Nova Scotia previously, points for adaptability will be provided. However, it needs to be noted that the study needs to be full-time and a minimum of two years duration at post-secondary or secondary level.