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Written by Canada Immigration Dec 6, 2014

Canada, 5th December: Before the launch of Canada Express Entry Immigration Points System, some vital details have been revealed about this system.

Let us see these details here.

Revealed --Canada Express Entry Immigration Points SystemCanada Express Entry Points System Revealed—Canada has revealed some important points regarding Canada Express Entry Points System. As per the immigration minister of Canada, Chris Alexander, Express Entry will enable Canada to choose the best qualified immigrants for filling the labor requirements of Canada.

<blockquote> Canada has revealed some important details of Canada’s Express Entry Points System before its official launch on 1st January, 2015. </blockquote>

Details of Canada Express Entry System Revealed—It is for the first time that Canada has revealed details about the Express Entry system before its official launch on 1st January, 2015.

Canada will allow in-demand immigrants to come to Canada within a short span of six months only under its Express Entry system. So, skilled immigrants shall get themselves matched with existing job vacancies in case no available Canadians are there. And after making applications online along with getting registered with the job bank of Canada government, applicants for Express Entry shall be entered in a pool. Out of these applicants, those having maximum points shall be allowed Canada permanent residency.

What are the maximum points to be given to any skilled immigrant under Express Entry?—Well, it needs to be notable that Canada will be offering 600 points as the maximum points for any skilled immigrants getting a Canada permanent job offer or those having nomination from any Canada territory or Canada province.

So, such applicants shall be picked first, informed Canada immigration minister Alexander.

Points allocation for skilled immigrants—

  • 1,200 points on the basis of factors will be offered to skilled immigrants.
  • Skilled immigrants shall be offered a maximum of 500 points for factors like age, education, language proficiency and Canada work experience.
  • Skilled immigrants will be provided a maximum of 100 points for skilled transferability factors like foreign work experience, certificate in trades and education level.
  • For age, maximum points are 110 points.
  • Maximum points will be for those aged between 20 and 29 points
  • Those in the age group between 17 and under or 45 and over shall get 0 points.
  • 150 points will be provided to any applicant having PhD or equivalent.
  • Applicants shall get 30 points equivalent to high school diploma.

Immigration Canada

Written by CIC Announcements Nov 25, 2014

Canada, 25th November: Canada Faster Permanent Residency Application System is going to start on 1st January, 2015.

This will be possible through launch of Express Entry Program for all streams of economic immigration for Canada Permanent Residence.

Canada Express Entry LaunchFaster Canada Permanent Residence begins 1st January—Come 1st January, 2015 and Canada will launch its faster Permanent Residence program through the Express Entry program.

This happens to be an online application process aimed at decreasing the longer application processing times thereby eliminating the existing backlog of applications for Economic Permanent Residence.

This will be possible through the authority of CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to know who can make an application for Canada permanent residence and when can such candidates apply.

<blockquote> Canada will be launching its faster Permanent Residency Application process from 1st January, 2015. </blockquote>

Express Entry Program—Different Steps—

  1. Online Express Entry Profile—Aspiring applicants need submission of an online Express Entry Profile as the first step. This will help their assessment as per the ranking system based on skills. And appropriate test results will help in self-declaration of the skills. The ranks of the candidates will be based on following factors—
  • Education
  • Language proficiency
  • Canada work experience;
  • Other factors leading to success in Canada(not defined by CIC yet).

So, all candidates fulfilling the eligibilty criteria gain entry into the Express Entry Pool and get their ranking against one another. Access to all candidates will be there for Canada provinces/territories and CIC. And candidates having highest-ranking and qualifying offers of jobs(arranged jobs) or certificates of provincial/territorial nomination shall get invitation for Canada permanent residency application.

All candidates not having job offers from Canada employers or province/territory nomination certificates need to register themselves with Job Bank. Employers are able to get a match with the candidate either through the Job Bank or through recruiters/private sector job boards and then make an application for LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment) without any fee for the purpose of Canada PR.

  1. Invitation to Apply for PR—Candidates having sufficient high rank in the pool will get invitation to Apply for PR and will be getting 60 days for submission of electronic application for Canada PR through any of the four immigration programs—
  • Federal Skilled Traders Program;
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Canada Experience Class; or
  • A part of PNP(Provincial Nominee Program).

CIC will be processing around 80 percent of complete applications within a period of six months. And employer offering a job to the candidate will mean receipt of an invitation to apply for PR. Anyone candidate who is in the Express Entry pool and not receiving an invitation(to apply for PR) after one year need to resubmit his or her profile and re-enter the Express Entry pool if he or she still fulfills the criteria.


Immigration Canada

Written by Cover Story Nov 25, 2014

Canada, 25th November: Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program’s eligible occupations are capping out.

Federal Skilled Worker ProgramAnd it needs to be noted that applications for Canada Permanent Residence can be made until 31st December, 2014 under Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Eligible occupations for Federal Skilled Worker capping out—Two more eligible occupations for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program have already capped out. So, its time for aspirants to submit their applications for Federal Skilled Worker Program until the program closes after 31st December, 2014.

<blockquote> Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program’s eligible occupations are capping out fast. So, apply now for Canada permanent residence by 31st December, 2014. </blockquote>

Canada’s Express Entry Immigration Selection System—Canada Express Entry 2015 will be launched by Canada from 1st January, 2015. So, foreign skilled workers wanting to take benefit of the current Federal Skilled Worker Program need to apply at the earliest possible time before the program gets closed after 31st December, 2014.

List of Federal Skilled Worker Program’s eligible occupations—47 of the total 50 occupations are open still. This has been revealed by Canada immigration department—CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Each eligible occupation has a total cap of 1,000 applications for assessment by Canada immigration department.

Who should apply for Federal Skilled Worker Program?—Now, let us see who is eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Program. Well, foreigners who are having eligibility for Federal Skilled Worker Program and possess a minimum of one year work experience in the period of last ten years in any eligible occupation not having capped out can apply for Canada permanent residence before the last date, i.e. 31st December, 2014.

Which occupations have already capped out?

  • Financial and investment analysts(NOC 1112)
  • Software engineers and designers(NOC 2173)
  • Computer programmer and interactive media developers(NOC 2174)

Any delay in submission of an application will involve the risk of capping out of their occupation and aspirants must submit their duly filled application at the earliest. That’s because more and more eligible occupations are getting capped out. And aspirants for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program must not waste time in applying for Canada permanent residence.

Also, foreigners wishing to apply for FSWP(Federal Skilled Worker Program) need to know about the eligibilty requirements. And they must take either an English language test or French language test.

Moreover, aspirants must get an ECA(Educational Credential Assessment) of their foreign educational credentials. A point worth notable is that while eligible occupation lists are not going to stay in place for FSWP when Express Entry is introduced, but language testing and ECA will be there.


Immigration Canada

Written by CIC Announcements Nov 21, 2014

Canada, 20th November: Canada Experience Class Applications refusal may be due to many reasons.

Let us see these reasons in detail here for the benefits of Canada Experience Class Applicants and aspiring applicants.

Canada Experience Class ImmigrationCanada Experience Class—Canada Experience Class happens to be a highly favorite immigration route for foreigners wanting to become Canada permanent residents. However, for this, foreigners need to possess Canada work experience while being on a Canada temporary work permit.

So, Canada government offers immigration to skilled foreign workers through Canada Experience Class program.

<blockquote> Canada Experience Class applications may get refused due to varied reasons. </blockquote>

Eligibility requirements for Canada Experience Class

  • Applicants must have a minimum of one year of technical work experience, skilled or professional work experience in Canada within a period of 36 months of the date of application;
  • They must have surpassed or cleared a Canada language Benchmark threshold of 5 or 7 based on the job level;
  • They must be willing to live and work outside Province of Quebec(those wanting to live in Quebec need to apply under Quebec Experience Class).

Applicants should have worked in any of the following capacities in Canada

  • On an open work permit under an international exchange program; or
  • On an open work permit as the spouse of a partner who has worked in Canada; or
  • In an LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment)-exempt category; or
  • Have received a positive LMIA; or
  • On a post-graduate work permit, and finished full-time studies in Canada’s designated institute.

Reasons for refusal under Canada Experience Class Program

  • Discrepancies in NOC Code—Applicants under Canada Experience Class need to present a NOC code to CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for each skilled occupation held by the applicant in his or her career. NOC code includes duties’ list that are typical for anyone working in the given position.

Meanwhile, it may happen that after getting a positive LMIA with a specific NOC code, an individual may end up working in a role that reflects duties of another NOC code. This can lead to refusal.

Another reason—no precise match of documents—Supporting documents submitted by the applicant under Canadian Experience Class related to work experience(resume, work reference letters from current and previous employers, positive LMIA, taxation papers etc.) may not match precisely.

For example, work reference letters may not be giving clear description of duties correlating with job description set by Canada immigration department CIC. This could lead to rejection of application.

Immigration Canada

Written by CIC Announcements Nov 18, 2014

Canada, 18th November: Canada is soon going to open immigration for parents and grandparents of Canada residents and Canada grand parents.

This will be done through Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Immigration Program.

Canada opening Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program 2015—In the month of January 2015, Canada will be re-opening its Canada Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program.

Canada Immigration To Open for Parents Soon.gifYes, as per the CIC—Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Canada has decided to welcome parents and grandparents of Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens who wish to come to Canada for living with their children or grandchildren.

<blockquote> Canada will be re-opening its Canada Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program from 2nd January, 2015 for welcoming parents and grandparents of Canada citizens and Canada permanent residents. </blockquote>

The immigration program was closed by Canada immigration department CIC for a minimum period of one year. This was done as the annual intake of 5,000 was reached within a short period of one month only following the re-opening of the program in January 2014 after a period of two years.

Re-opening of Canada Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program welcomed— Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens will now be allowed to offer sponsorship to let their parents and grandparents to come to Canada from 2nd January, 2015.

Its indeed a welcome step for many parents and grandparents wanting to reunite with their children and grandchildren living in Canada. So, there is an end to long wait for families wanting to come to Canada.

It may be worth mentioned that in the year 2012-13, Canada welcomed nearly 50,000 parents and grandparents of Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens. And in addition, Canada government also made the Super Visa scheme permanent thereby enabling parents and grandparents to come to Canada as long-term visitors without having to get their Canada visas again and again for coming here.

Canada Super Visa program is a multi-entry visa scheme enabling parents and grandparents to get Canada Super Visas having a validity duration of 10-years for visiting Canada.

Faster processing times for Canada Parents and Grandparents Stream—Canada has already promised to cut down processing times for Canada Parents and Grandparents Stream considerably.

Meanwhile, new requirements have also been introduced for Canada Parents and Grandparents stream by Canada immigration department CIC.

These include hike of 30 percent in MNI(Minimum Necessary Income), extension of period of showing funds to three years from one year, extension of sponsorship undertaking period from 10 to 20 years along with reduction of maximum age for accompanying dependents to 18 or below.

Immigration Canada

Written by CIC Announcements Nov 11, 2014

Canada, 10th November: Canada has recently eliminated its requirement for live-in caregivers to reside with their employers in Canada.

Yes, this is a latest announcement by Canada immigration department.

Canada Live in Caregivers ProgramForeign live-in caregivers don’t need to reside with employers—In a latest announcement by Canada immigration department CIC—(Citizenship and Immigration Canada), foreign live-in caregivers will not be required to stay with their employers in Canada.

<blockquote> Canada foreign live-in caregivers will not need to reside with their employers in Canada. </blockquote>

This was revealed by Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander. This means an end to the earlier requirement for foreign live-in caregivers to stay with their employers after coming to Canada under Canada Live in Caregiver program. That’s something great!

End of abuse for live-in caregivers—So, now, thanks to the latest step by Canada immigration department CIC, foreign live-in caregivers will have a big sigh of relief since they will not be under compulsion to reside with their employers in Canada.

This step is certainly aimed at eliminating any abuse or misuse of foreign live-in caregivers coming to Canada for working here. It has been alleged that in many instances, employers in Canada have been misusing the rights and priveleges of foreign live-in caregivers coming to work in Canada.

The live-in condition was stated to be somewhat like slavery for many foreign live-in caregivers working in Canada, affirmed Alexander. And the good thing is that Canada government has listened to the woes of live-in caregivers by discontinuing this requirement for staying with their employers in Canada.

Canada permanent residency for 30,000 foreign caregivers—In the year 2015, Canada will be providing 30,000 foreign caregivers the pivotal opportunity of Canada permanent residency. It needs to be worth mentioned that Canada immigration department currently has a backlog of around 60,000 cases.

New Canada job opportunities for foreign caregivers—Foreign caregivers will be provided new Canada job opportunities. That’s another good thing about Canada live-in caregiver program changes announced by Canada government.

For this, two new routes will be introduced for foreign caregivers wanting to get jobs in Canada. One route is meant for child-care providers and other is for working for elderly or ailing people. The maximum processing time for Canada foreign live in caregivers applications has been brought down to six months period.

Annual cap on live-in caregivers under 2 new streams–So, Canada will be processing applications under the above mentioned streams within a maximum period of six months while accepting 2,750 applications annually under each stream.

And Canada has already announced a rise of 20,000 in the total intake for Canada permanent residents in the year 2015.

Immigration Canada

Written by CIC Announcements Nov 5, 2014

Canada, 5th November: Canada is all set to increase its immigration intake in the coming year.

Yes, its quite true. Canada will be increasing immigration levels in the year 2015.

Canada to welcome high-caliber immigrants-Canada government has announced that from the next year, it will be targeting high-caliber immigrants to come to Canada. This has been revealed by Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander.

Canada to welcome High Caliber ImmigrantsAs per the details, Canada will be aiming to allow nearly 285,000 Canada permanent residents to come here. And this is allegedly stated to the highest ever intake of immigrants in the Canada immigration history. It was in the year 2010 that Canada welcomed a total of 280,000 permanent residents.

The year 2015 has even higher targets in terms of Canada permanent residents with the main focus being none other than economic immigrants as well as their dependents wishing to come to Canada, quipped Canada Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander recently.

<blockquote> Canada will be welcoming high-caliber immigrants in the year 2015 while increasing the number of Canada permanent residents this year. </blockquote>

More foreign students, temporary foreign workers to get Canada permanent settlement—Canada government plans to offer increased spots to foreign students as well as temporary foreign workers to get permanent settlement in Canada.

Canada government planned to welcome between 240,000 and 260,000 foreigners to the nation in the year 2013.

Canada plans to offer increased immigration intake in the year 2015. And around 65 percent of such immigrants are going to be on economic grounds, said Alexander. Canadian government’s aim is to increase the percentage of economic immigrants in current Canada immigration levels.

So, Canada will be admitting 29,800 immigrants on the basis of humanitarian grounds while 181,300 immigrants will be admitted for economic considerations and 68,000 on the basis of family problems, affirmed Canada immigration minister Alexander.

The total target for Canada permanent residency is up from 62 percent in the year 2013 to 65 percent in the year 2015. This simply affirms the fact that for economy prosperity of Canada, immigration is really important, he clarified.

Moreover, for many Canadian provinces, the economic immigration level is even higher, that is, around 70 percent. Its important to note that the increased immigration level for the year 2015 comes close on the heels of the introduction of Canada’s Express Entry for selection of skilled foreign workers for working in Canada.

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Written by EverGreen Nov 5, 2014

Canada, 5th November: Are you interested in knowing Canada Express Entry 2015 details?

If yes, then here is all the information about Canada Express Entry 2015 to become effective from January 2015.

Canada-Express-Entry-ProgramCanada Express Entry Program—Come 2015 and Canada will be introducing its Express Entry Program for foreign skilled workers wanting to come and work in Canada.

<blockquote> Canada Express Entry Program 2015 will become effective from January 2015. </blockquote>

  • Applicant for Canada Express Entry form online will be required to provide details about his or her age, qualification, language skills, Canadian experience, Canada education, language skills of spouse and having any blood relations living in Canada.
  • Such an applicant will be required to provide information about which Canada economic class immigration program he or she is applying—that is—Canadian Foreign Trades person Class, Canada Federal Skilled Worker Class or Canadian Experience Class.
  • Such an applicant will be checked if he or she fulfills the criteria of selection under the above stated immigration program or not. The applicant needs to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria for filing under Canada Express Entry program.
  • It is only after the concerned applicant fulfills the criteria of selection that he or she shall be included in the pool of candidates.
  • The pool of applicants will be ranked by the electronic process with increased chances for those appearing at a higher rank to receive application for filing of Canada permanent residence application. Any available Canada job offer must also be filed by the candidates in order to be a part of the pool. This will increase their ranking in Canada express entry pool for getting invitation for filing of Canada PR application from Canada immigration department—CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
  • Meanwhile, although, its too early to state whether applications without Canada job offer shall get accepted or not, but still, its being viewed that Canada may allow applications fulfilling basic criteria of selection even not accompanied by Canada job offer(although such applicants may rank lower in the ranking over those having Canada job offer).
  • The good thing is that those without Canada job offer need not despair as such applicants can file their resume in Canada Job Bank for assessment by Canada provincial governments and Canada employers. Also, job search can be undertaken by such applicants for applying against job advertised online.
  • Canada provinces have their own quota or intake for nomination of applicants. So, one can look forward to getting nominated by Canada provinces. Provincial nomination will increase ranking in pool and improve chances of getting selected for receiving invitation for Canada permanent residence visa.

Immigration Canada

Written by EverGreen Nov 5, 2014

Canada, 4th November: Have you been refused for a Canada Permanent Resident Visa and want to know the reason behind such refusal by Canada immigration department?

Well, Canada immigration department can refuse Canada permanent resident visa for a number of reasons. Lets see the different reasons for such refusal one by one here.

Canada permanent resident visaRefusal for Canada permanent resident visa—Reasons behind refusal for Canada permanent resident visa could vary. Thousands of foreigners apply for Canada permanent resident visa for coming to Canada each year. So, lets see different reasons for refusal of Canada permanent resident visa—

  • Deadline missed—Missing the deadline for submission of Canada permanent resident visa application could be one of the reasons behind refusal of a Canada permanent resident visa. Canada immigration department has a deadline for last date of submission of application forms for Canada permanent resident visa. And anyone getting late for such submission is going to face a rejection of his or her application for Canada permanent resident visa.
  • Misrepresentation of information—Any misrepresentation of information pertaining to the applicant’s vital details will lead to refusal of Canada permanent resident visa. This could be either giving wrong information or not providing full details so as to conceal or hide any facts from Canada immigration department.
  • Criminal reasons—If the applicant is found to have any criminal involvement that could pose a threat to safety or health of other residents, then the applicant will be refused Canada permanent resident visa.
  • Health—Health or medical checks are mandatory for all applicants seeking Canada permanent resident visa. Such checks must be by any doctor who is recognized by CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Applicants who need medication for any problem that could seem to be burden for universal healthcare system of Canada might be refused entry.
  • Vital documents not attached—If vital documents are not attached by the applicant along with the application form, Canada immigration department is going to refuse Canada permanent resident visa application at the outset.
  • Don’t know eligibilty rules—Applicants need to know all the eligibility requirements for Canada permanent resident visa before applying. This means knowing age, qualifications and other rules for making an application. Failure to do so is likely to result in refusal of Canada permanent resident visa for the concerned applicant by Canada immigration department.

So, it is mandatory to keep all the above requirements in mind before making an application for Canada permanent resident visa.