Son killed his parents, aunt


Pawandeep Singh, the son of Group Captain T.P. Singh (retired) and wife Shibani Singh today confessed to have plotted the murder of his parents along with that of his aunt Ajit Kaur and having hired to contract killers to execute it. According to the post mortem conducted, Gp Capt T.P. Singh was shot while his wife Shibani’s throat was slit. His sister Ajit Kaur was bludgeoned to death with a heavy object.

Without as much as a single mark of remorse visible on his face, he justified his actions by simply saying that his parents deserved to die. However, he did add that he “disapproved” of the brutal manner in which his mother and aunt were killed by the men he had hired.

In the only explanation that he provided for such a gruesome murder was that his parents were indifferent to him. He had been a “problem child’ and his parents always scolded him. He was also emotionally disturbed and he had lost his job with a call centre in Gurgaon. It is believed that he needed money desperately as he wanted to marry his girl-friend. As per the plan plotted by him along with his accomplices, he was to rob his father on the February 6 when he usually brought money home to be distributed as salary to the workers the next day. The amount of money he expected to find in the house is expected to be to the tune of four Lacs. However, he could only lay his hands on about 18000 as his father was yet to en cash the cheque. It is believed that his parents were planning to disown him and hence deprive him of all their property.

He has been remanded to police custody till February 24.

It may be recalled that the police first began suspecting him when they came to know of his strained relationship with his parents and the fact that he did not even attend their cremation did not help his cause either. The police were in any case expecting the assailant to be known to the family as there were no signs whatsoever of a forced entry despite the entry having been made in the wee hours of the morning. A senior police officer said on condition of anonymity that they did not consider Pawandeep’s behaviour normal. “Ever since he was informed about the tragedy, he has been telling the police that he is on his way to Chandigarh from Assam”, he said.