No skills, no English needed for US Citizenship

Not a problem. Yes, that’s quite true. You can still become a US citizen. The only need is you should be a wealthy or an affluent individual willing to pay a total of $500,000.

Fast-track US citizenship—So, it is a truth that now you can get the coveted US citizenship no matter if you don’t have English language skills or any knowledge about the lifestyle of the US. And the good thing is that you even don’t require any prior experience of job. No need to worry about your age.

Just get ready to shell out $500,000 to fast-track your application for US citizenship. The US government targets to lure High Net-Worth Individuals(HNI) to come and live in the US by makign investments and creating new US jobs.

The US Citizenship is available for anyone who is ready to part away with $500,000 to help his or her application for US Citizenship to be fast-tracked.

US EB-5 program—Well, its the US EB-5 immigration program through which you can get a US Green Card from the US government. Any foreigner can get a US Green Card under EB-5 immigration program.

The program helps a foreigner gain a US Green Card. And this means US Permanent Residency not just for the applicant but also for his family members(children aged up to 21 years).

The requirement is investing a total fo $500,000 in any US commercial business that is instrumental in creating of not less than 10 US jobs for American citizens.

The aim behind the immigration program is to attract and retain an increasing number of HNIs in the US.

Canada, Australia having similar immigration programs—Another fact worth mentionable here is that apart from the US, Canada and Australia also have such immigration schemes enabling High Net-Worth Individuals(HNIs) to come and settle down permanently in the nation.

Australia already has simpler immigration norms for luring more and more HNIs ready to make investments in the nation and give a fillip to the Australia economy.

In addition, Canada is yet another nation having announced simple immigration rules to allow international students, business people and skilled foreigners to come, live and work in Canada. Such immigration norms are aimed to make the nation globally competitive.

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