Canada Immigration NOC List Skill Level O, A or B

Well, we will discuss in detail about the NOC List skills level O, A and B for all aspirants of immigration to Canada. So, here we go.

NOC—What is NOC—Before proceeding ahead, we need to know what exactly is NOC. It is National Occupational Classification (NOC). It’s a process used for classification of jobs or occupations by the Canadian government. Occupations or jobs are categorized on the basis of the work type or the type of occupation duties.

So, to make it clear for all those willing to come to Canada and work here, we can say that NOC needs to be checked to know which occupations or jobs are skilled under NOC Skill Type O, A or B. Its meant to be used by aspiring immigrants for finding occupational title, occupation descriptions, coding etc.

Canada immigration aspirants will get all the information regarding NOC Skill type O, A or B for knowing where to apply for Canada immigration.

Skill Type-What is Skill Type?—Skill type simply reflects the requisite training field or experience field needed for getting entry into any occupation.

So, its based on the work performed. Skill type can be educational qualification and experience. The first digit of the Canada NOC code indicates Skill Type. Skills

Levels used in Canada NOC— NOC Skill Levels—

Skill Level A-Skill Level 1-(Occupations requiring university education—Bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctorate)

Skill Level B-Skill Level 2/3(2-3 years of post-secondary education/2-5 years of apprenticeship training/3-4 years of secondary school or more than 2 years of on-the-job training, specialized training courses/specific work experience.

Skill Level C-Skill Level 4 or 5-(1-4 years of secondary school education/up to 2 years of on-the-job training/specialized training course/specific work experience.

Skill Level D-Skill Level 6-(No formal educational required/short work demonstration/on-the-job training. NOC Skill Types—

• 0 Management Occupations—examples—mine managers, shore captains etc.

• Skill Level A—professional jobs(requiring university degree). Examples—doctors, dentists etc.

• Skill Level B—Technical jobs and skilled trades(requiring college diploma or to train as apprentice for taking these jobs) ex—plumbers, chefs etc.

• Skill Level C—intermediate jobs(high school/job specific training)ex-butchers, long-haul truck drivers etc.

• Skill Level D—Labor jobs—On the job training is provided. Ex—fruit pickers, cleaning staff etc.

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