Human trafficking is a modern day face of slavery in which trafficker tries to influence the victim with proposal of good job and a better and promising life Number of such victims are increasing day by day in most part of the developed world. United States of America is also tracking such illegal activities in their country.

How United States is dealing with human trafficking?
For the protection of immigrants certain measures have been taken by the USA government. In this regard U Non-immigrant status or popularly known as U Visa is introduced. U visa act as a tool for law enforcement visa is allotted to victim immigrants. After gaining the U visa status, victim gets certain benefits like they can work in United States for at least four years.

How to obtain U visa status?
U visa is granted after the victim has obtained the certification and this certification is issued by the law enforcement officials. But in order to get the benefits under U visa status, the victim needs to get approval from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS). USCIS has the discretion whether to grant benefit to the victim or to deny.

Criteria for U visa?
Criteria for U visa are that the victim of any criminal activity which violates U.S law is eligible for it .Criminal activity could be physical and mental abuses. Victim should possess reliable information against the charge he or she making.

Current status of U visa applicants?
U visa is only granted to 10,000 victims annualy.Sudden explosion is seen in the number of applicant for U visa.From the year 2009 the application of U visa is tripled. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the number of application received in last fiscal year was 25,000. This figure shows that more and more crime victims are applying for U visa which was designed for the progress of law enforcement.

When and what special visa is given to human trafficking victims?
Violence Protection Act was created in the year 2000 but this act came into force from 2008, since then visas allotment is granted every fiscal year. Extreme badly treated victims of human trafficking can seek for T visa.

Criteria for T visa?
Victims of trafficking can get relief and protection under T non-immigrant status or T visa. They need to help the law enforcement agency in the investigation and have to be physically present as well. They need to provide reliable points and the severity of the abuses and hardship they faced. They have to give relevant points that why they should be allowed to get benefit of T visa and how important it is for the victim of the human trafficking.

It is observed that few people put fraud charges just to avail U visa or T visa. Almost 20% of them were rejected on these grounds. According to the Tuscan police, they just accepted more than half of the application .They does agree that the number of applications is increasing every fiscal year but they are well equipped to filter the genuine and fake applications.

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