Crackdown on Canada citizenship fraud thwarted by federal court tie-ups

And that’s due to tie-ups in federal court, it is being maintained.

Canada citizenship crackdown hit by federal court tie-ups—Recent figures released by Canada immigration department CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) show that nearly 90 percent of revocation notices are wound up in Canada Federal Court.

Canada government’s effort to crackdown on those fraudulently obtaining Canada citizenship has been halted following federal court tie-ups.

As compared to the aim of catching nearly 2,100 people suspected to be playing away with requirements of Canada residency on the applications of Canada citizenship, the actual revocations have been quite a few.

The government reports revoking Canada citizenship of 31people and this is a far cry from the figures pertaining to the last two years or so when around 291 revocation notices were issued. There are reports of 4,400 Canada permanent residents allegedly not fulfilling Canada residency requirements on the applications of Canada citizenship.

Efforts already underway--CIC –Meanwhile, the CIC has clarified its standing saying efforts are on to curb such happenings. As per Johanne Nadeau, official spokesperson of CIC, steps are being undertaken for streamlining the process of Canada citizenship revocation. Moreover, the department will be dealing with clearing backlog shortly.

Giving details of the figures, Nadeau said nearly 1,894 Canada permanent residents who were suspected of fraud have already withdrawn their applications for Canada citizenship.

Hence, the efforts for Canada citizenship crackdown have been quite successful, she added. This is despite the fact that nearly 85 percent of those being targeted live outside Canada.

Aim of such people is solely to become Canada citizens for getting Canada passport. It may be worth notable that the success by targeting those not abiding by Canada permanent residency requirements for getting Canada citizenship, the government is helping to make sure the genuine applicants do gain Canada citizenship.

Tougher Canada citizenship rules likely—Meanwhile, Canada government is likely to introduce tougher Canada citizenship requirements by introducing reforms to Citizenship Act. Currently, the rules require Canada permanent residents to reside in Canada for not less than three out of previous four years for getting qualified.

And speculations are that rules may require Canada permanent residents to live at least four out of previous six years for gaining Canada citizenship.

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