What makes Canada different from the rest of the world?

Immigration consultancy is one of the most paying professions worldwide. In any country, you would find them charging exorbitant fees for their services. What is unique that, despite the fact that similar effort is required by a professional to process the immigration application to any country; his fees are higher for lending immigration services to US or Canada.

Of course, Canada is the first preferred destination to move. Only when a person willing to immigrate finds himself not eligible to satisfy immigration criteria or not daring to immigrate illegally, he opts for other countries.

Canada has some distinct advantages over other countries that make it the most loved country. Some of them are:

1. Multiculturalism: It is one of the true multicultural country with people from all countries of the world. Most people are bilingual; one English and second their language of their original native country. Multiculture Society has its draw backs, but here in disciplined Canadian Society, it comes with only the pluses.

2. Society: Canadians are one of the most tolerant and helpful society. Be it as simple courtesy of guiding you to your destination or a motorist stopping and yielding you the right of way or just about any thing; Canadians are probably the best when its comes to helping a stranger.

3. Political System: In Canada, one gets the total protection under the constitution, freedom of religion, personal liberty, and regional autonomy. Canadian Law is derived using best aspects of British common law, French civil law, and English civic traditions. Canada also has a liberal attitude towards homosexuality, women’s rights etc. There is also a sense of collective responsibility: universal health care is supported, as well as gun control, foreign aid, and other social programs.

4. Less Expensive than most other developed countries: It is definitely one of the affordable country to in; that is; amongst the developed nations or even if compared with some developing countries. Cost of living is slightly higher than developing countries because of lack of exploitation for unskilled labor jobs. In India or in China, you won’t see a sweeper owning a good car, but here thanks to dignity of labor, it is hardly any issue.

5. Opportunities to Grow: Canada offers vast opportunities to grow and the job markets are booming. There is a job for every one including college students who are out to make a decent pocket money for themselves. Even unskilled workers can get a decent job that fetched them a decent amount with which they can own all basic luxuries of life.

6 Respect for other’s language: I come from Punjab, India. With Punjabi my mother tongue. Though I can speak fluent English and though I insisted that I can speak in English; but the English lady at the immigration help desk insisted that I should speak in my own native tongue and she would get the one who understands that language. Small courtesy, that is not available in ones; own home country.

7. Canada has one of the most transparent immigration policy. Many other countries are also working on having their own immigration policy based on this model.

The weather: love it or hate it, at least, it’s unique and extreme. Where else on earth can you go from +40°C to -40°C? And the blizzards, the snow storms, the tropical storms, the heavy rain warnings, the wind chill… all that for one big country!