Left unions raise voice for BPO workers’ rights

Kolkata–The left-front-ruled West Bengal may be pulling up its socks to woo IT and BPO companies to the state, but the left trade unions have raised their banner against the alleged violation of worker’s rights in the sector.

In a letter to the Union Government, the Centre for Indian Trade Unions(CITU) president M K Pandhe has demanded a check on the violation of labour laws by the IT and BPO companies.

In all, the trade union has listed 10 violations of labour laws in the BPO sector."Any attempt to form a Union or association by the employees is being curbed by the threat of dismissal, said Pandhe.

"There are no rules to govern the working conditions and occupational hazards have occured in several cases without any remedy for redressal," he said.

Backing CITU’s stand, CPI-backed All India Trade Union Congress has protested against the preferential treatment to the IT and BPO industry.

"IT industry is being treated as the most exclusive industry, without being under the preview of any laws," AITUC general Secretary Gurudas Das Gupta told.

He said remedies and laws should be strengthened to protect the interests of workers in the industry.

"The IT industry is violating Minimum Wages Act, and terrorising workers of dismissal who wish to form a Union," Das Gupta said.