Jennifer Aniston “Single & Looking” Again


In her first major interview after the divorce from hubby Brad Pitt, former “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston said she is ready to start all over again, on the 20th anniversary edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday.

Jennifer Aniston “I’m doing so well,” Aniston said. “It’s the media that won’t move on. You just want to say, ’Come on, people! Turn a page!’ ”

With Pitt in a new relationship with Angelina Jolie, Aniston is said to be ready to date again, replying to Oprah’s questions in an upbeat, jokey manner. When asked if she was ready for love, the actress looked at her watch and gave an emphatic “Yes”, before stating “I love the unknown. I love the discovery of what will be happening”.

The actress, who recently finished filming The Break Up alongside actor Vince Vaughn, blamed the media for creating a picture perfect image of her relationship with Brad Pitt.

“It’s not real, it’s just not real,� she said.

“All you see is the red carpet, you don’t see people in their lives.

“You’re a human being having a human experience. Your personal life, your personal feelings, your heart, your success, your pain is the same that anybody else walks through.

“It’s so hard when energetically you have all that coming at you and you’ve moved on you just want to say: ’Come on people turn the page’.�

Winfrey also took time on her anniversary show to clear up another matter–the much reported incident at Hermès department store in Paris in which she was barred from entering to buy a bag.

Winfrey invited Robert Chavez, president and CEO of Hermès USA, onto the show who apologized for the snub and the embarrassment it caused her, saying the blame laid with a particularly rigid employee. He also said his company has since introduced sensitivity training.