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Job Opportunities Opening up in British Columbia in the Coming Decade

British Columbia (BC) will soon have lots of job vacancies opening up in various professions in the coming decade as more and more of the working population nears retirement. Given below is the list of 10 jobs that are in high demand: 1) Nursing – Around 25,000 nurses will be needed in BC by the […]

Canada’s Latest Invest and Immigrate Plan also Proving to be a Dud

It was in the 1980s that Canada first introduced their Invest and Immigrate policy. It seemed a great idea as wealth was slowly shifting from the western white society to the eastern browns and the yellows. What better way to bring them back! But according to a recent revelation under the Access to Information Act […]

Accepting Undocumented Students would benefit US

Children whose parents have entered the US illegally face lots of problems growing up. As kids one of the most important challenges they face is in the field of education. But because of the legal status of their parents they face unique uncertainties in the educational system. According to the Pew Hispanic Center estimate there […]

Marrying for a Green Card? Uncle Sam is watching!!

The US is a land of dreams come true and millions try to somehow reach there, one way or the other. Some try walking across the borders, some travel as stowaways in cramped vessels. But there are others who try to take advantage of certain provisions and manipulate their way in. One such way is […]

Marriage of Convenience for Canadian Citizenship

One of the many ways to get a Canadian Visa is to marry a Canadian citizen. But there are increasing number of cases where this provision is grossly misused. Many visa seekers get married to Canadian citizens just to gain entry into the country with or without the connivance of the citizens. Such marriages are […]

UK-US dream for Indian nurses hit badly

Afghan immigrants who risked their lives for the purpose of supporting the Canadian mission in Kandahar are being welcomed by the federal government. Immigration minister Jason Kenney said that immigrants who faced “extraordinary personal risk” due to supporting troops of Canada and aid workers, will be rewarded by the some new measures.

Skilled emigration workers got it tougher

reality of love…..?

To some life shows the world abstemious
To others thy abridges adulation

Abrading away the virulent
Thyself becomes vindictive in seclusion

Thy being zealot for thy partner

Federal government determined to carry on with record high level of immigration

Irrespective of what China thinks, Australia has made it absolutely clear that it will allocate Australian Visas to ones they wish to and there would be no compromise on its stand.

John Howard, the former Australian Prime Minister, criticized the clumsy and ridiculous efforts of Chinese diplomats to advice Australian immigration to decline visas to exiled dissidents of China. Mr. Howard said at a business functions in Sydney that China has got a very silly practice, that if they do not want one to see someone, they say it straight, which implies one must see them.

US immigration battle

69-year-old Stefania Elzbieta Magdziak was deported to Poland last night. She lived with her family for the past eleven years before sharing a final meal with them and finally heading towards the Pearson International Airport.