UK-US dream for Indian nurses hit badly

Written by Immigration Frauds Sep 21, 2009

Afghan immigrants who risked their lives for the purpose of supporting the Canadian mission in Kandahar are being welcomed by the federal government. Immigration minister Jason Kenney said that immigrants who faced “extraordinary personal risk” due to supporting troops of Canada and aid workers, will be rewarded by the some new measures.

Kenney said that the government appreciates their bravery towards the cause of a better Afghanistan and recognizes the cost they paid in the process. He accepted the fact that lives of their families’ and that their own lives may well be threatened by rebels, and that, many of them are unable to work now. Kenney said that recognizing their contributions, Canada has planned to offer them special consideration in case they are willing to move to Canada.

In order to avail the benefits, applicants must have supported the Canadian mission for a minimum period of one year and must also demonstrate that they are in danger. In addition to people who were involved, spouses and dependent children of citizens of Afghan who were killed during the process of supporting the Canadian government will also be eligible.

It should however be borne in mind that applicants must meet the mandatory criteria for immigration like criminal, medical and security screening.

Skilled emigration workers got it tougher

Written by Immigration Frauds Sep 9, 2009

reality of love…..?

To some life shows the world abstemious
To others thy abridges adulation

Abrading away the virulent
Thyself becomes vindictive in seclusion

Thy being zealot for thy partner
Lost momentous esteem in pessimism

Perturb over acknowledging
That the love was partisan

Pious was her nature
God sent her a paragon

Thy spirit became vindicate
Understood was life jargon

Nonentity became her deceiver-partner
Jocular became his mere existence

Having started life as sage
Thy today razed memories raucous

Mollifying life’s’ fluctuations
Life’s now forever precocious

For thy God founded euphoria
Life become adventurous

Federal government determined to carry on with record high level of immigration

Written by Immigration Frauds Sep 5, 2009

Irrespective of what China thinks, Australia has made it absolutely clear that it will allocate Australian Visas to ones they wish to and there would be no compromise on its stand.

John Howard, the former Australian Prime Minister, criticized the clumsy and ridiculous efforts of Chinese diplomats to advice Australian immigration to decline visas to exiled dissidents of China. Mr. Howard said at a business functions in Sydney that China has got a very silly practice, that if they do not want one to see someone, they say it straight, which implies one must see them.

Last month, China tried to prevent the granting of visa to exiled Uighur leader Rebiva Kadeer for visiting Australia.

Mr. Howard said that there was no doubt that Australia had to give a visa to that lady, and commented in a strict tone that Australia doesn’t allow the Chinese or any other government, be it America or Britain, to have a say on who should be granted visa and who should not.

China responded to granting visa to Kedeer’s application for an Australian visa by canceling a visit of its senior minister. China believes that Ms. Kadeer is a separatist who was responsible for unrest in the North West Xinjiang region of China.

Mr. Howard summarized some of the others efforts on part of China aimed to have a say on granting of Australian visas to citizens of China. As an example, he cited Dalai Lama’s case and also said that the recent tensions between the two countries may be due to the rejection by Rio Tinto of a US$19.5 billion cash introduction from Chinalco, the state-owned aluminum giant of China.

US immigration battle

Written by Immigration Frauds Aug 25, 2009

69-year-old Stefania Elzbieta Magdziak was deported to Poland last night. She lived with her family for the past eleven years before sharing a final meal with them and finally heading towards the Pearson International Airport.

As the blind grandmother went passed the security gates at Terminal One to get into a Polish LOT flight, family members watched in nervousness. A friend of the family, Ben Gondek, said that there are people who love the old woman and they would try their best to get her back to Canada as a legal immigrant. He said that the family would get her sponsored.

Her 43-year old daughter, Eldona Pindiur, said that no one knows when would be the next time their complete family would sit together again. While Magdziak was counting her last moments in the country, she was surrounded by her two children, eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren, all of whom were finding extremely hard to cope with the situation and weren’t able to bear the pain that their eldest family member was being sent back unwillingly.

She is blind and she does not have any social security or caregiver to take care of her in Poland, except her sister.

Her grandson’s wife, Izabella Magdziak, 29, said that she has no caregiver in that country and Canada is literally throwing her like a waste. She said that all this has happened due to an immoral immigration consultant who advised her to make a failed refugee claim. She appealed to Canada immigration to stay in the country on humanitarian and compassionate grounds but with no one hearing.