Skilled Worker Program Allocation Announced by Quebec

devThe Quebec provincial government has announced the maximum intake limit for its Skilled Worker Program. A detailed announcement is expected on April 1st 2015, on the number of intakes and the new rules governing it.

New Announcements

For the period starting from April 1st 2015 to March 31st 2016, the maximum intake limit has been kept at 6,300 applications. These applications would be selected for the Quebec Selection Certificate from the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). As to when the applications will be accepted by the authorities is still not known. But by reducing the number of maximum applications accepted, the ministry is trying to process more of the pending applications and thus reduce processing times.

The cap for the previous year was 6500 and it was filled within the first four months of its commencing on April 1st 2015. A job offer from an employer was not needed in this period and that is not expected to be changed in the new period. In the new announcements expected to be made, Area of Training that includes Computer Engineering, Banking, Accounting and other financial operations are set to get more points than given in the previous periods.

Points and Certificates

Potential candidates are selected based on the points scored through a system that awards points for the candidate’s age, work experience, education, training, adaptability and language fluency. Candidates with a Job Offer from a Quebec employer would get extra points. The characteristics of the spouse, common partners and dependent children would also be assessed for further points. A change in the Points Grid may be possible when the new policies are announced on 1st of April.

Candidates who submit a completed application and are found eligible would be issued a Quebec Selection Certificate. On receipt of the Certificate the candidate can apply for a Canadian Permanent Visa. The visa entitles the candidate to move freely anywhere in Canada, but it is issued after the candidate has made known the intent to reside in Quebec. Candidates are expected to honour their undertaking.

Eligible Above the Limit

A candidate can be considered over and above the cap of 6,300 under the following criteria:

1) Citizenship and Immigration Canada has informed the candidate that their permanent residence visa application is in process.

2) The candidate has enclosed an employment offer while applying for the QSWP Selection Certificate.

3) The candidate has already submitted the application under the Quebec Experience Program.

4) The candidate is a temporary resident who is eligible for a Quebec Selection Certificate.

Popular Destination

Quebec is known to be an attractive destination. The Greater Montreal Area is a well sought after destination. “The Economist” magazine had named Montreal as the second best city in the world to live in. The QSWP is a very popular program for a new immigrant seeking to settle in Canada. The new changes coming up may make it even more attractive.