Houston immigration raid might lead to arrest of employers


A large number of mostly female workers, who were lacking on the documents part were removed from the factory on Houston’s east side.

There relatives were waiting outside curiously, closely watching the whole situation. This was on account of a raid on Wednesday morning by the immigration and customs enforcement agents. A total of 166 undocumented workers were arrested but non of the company officials were arrested. However, the charges on them might well be on the cards.

Special agent Bob Rutt, of the Houston ICE office described the hiring of illegal immigrant workers as a crime, and the main accused are the employer who will be dealt with seriously. Angela Dodge of US Attorney’s Office in Houston said that they, at this point of time could neither confirm nor deny, if or not there would be a criminal investigations.

Meanwhile, the raid came as a surprise for most of the workers, many of them thought it to be a false report of raid as it was the case last year, said a woman who identified herself as the supervisor of the company. It was also learnt that those workers who tried to run away or hide from the federal agents were treated like criminal.