High rate of Canada Super Visa rejections


This is despite the fact that Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney had unveiled Canada Super Visa system in November last year to facilitate increased number of elders including parents and grand-parents join their children in Canada.

Canada Super Visa-a tale of broken promises—Kenney had promised that Canada Super Visa will help parents caught up in immigration backlog to visit their children. It was stated to be a generous visa facility for coming to Canada. The only requirement stated by Kenney was that applicants must fulfill health care and other conditions. No wonder, it was seen as a big relief for facilitating parents’ visits to Canada.

Canada denies opportunities for family reunification –Increasingly high rates of Canada Super visa rejections are a big blow to the dreams of several wanting to come and stay with their children and grand children living in Canada.

Consider, for example, the case of Emma Canizales who was eager to see her parents come to Canada by sponsoring them through Canada Super Visa system.

However, to her dismay and surprise, Canada immigration department CIC-Citizenship and Immigration Canada- refused Canada Super Visa applications of her mother and father. Both had applied for Canada immigration under family reunification in the year 2008.

This was despite the fact that $2,200 was paid for the return ticket and another $6,000 towards health insurance coverage for their parents.

And it is uncertain whether the amount spent will be returned by CIC or not, stated Canizales. Canizales is living in Canada for the last 11 years and her all siblings are also in Canada. Making a trip to visit their parents costs several dollars for each trip. So, it was natural that she invited her parents to visit them.

Other loopholes in Canada Super Visa system—It’s not just the high rate of visa rejections that is bothering many children wanting to sponsor their parents through Canada Super Visas.

Even if parents are granted Canada Super visas for meeting and staying with their immigrant children in Canada, their stay is limited to six months, in some cases.

As per Canada Super Visa rules, parents and grandparents are allowed to move in and out of Canada for visiting their family over a period of 10 years while having a stay of up to two years during each time.