International Students Lag Behind in Canada Express Entry 2015

Canada, 23rd March: Canada Express Entry 2015 is leaving behind foreign students in Canada.


Many foreign graduates from Canada colleges and Canada universities feel hindered by Canada’s new Express Entry program for becoming Canada permanent residents.


Canada Express Entry Restricting international students—International students are feeling restricted by new Canada Express Entry scheme for gaining Canada permanent residents.


<blockquote> Canada Express Entry 2015 is proving bad for international students wanting to gain Canada permanent residency. </blockquote>


Canada Express Entry 2015 becoming effective from 1st January, 2015 is not allowing international graduates any benefits with regard to their Canada post-graduate work experience or Canada education credentials. This immigration system of Canada does not value the scholars’ education credentials and work experience in Canada.


Reason behind the Canada express entry problem for foreign students?—Well, as per the details, Canada’s new Express Entry program not allowing recognition to foreign students’ work experience or education credentials is due to LMIA importance.


LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment), a certificate issued by Ottawa for ensuring the suitability of skills of the candidate for recruitment purposes. However, the importance given to the LMIA is posing problems for recruitment of the candidate.


Although, there is no need of an LMIA for qualifying for Canada express entry, but candidates find it impossible to get sufficient points for Canada express entry selection without an LMIA.


Canada Express Entry Flaw—Many immigration experts are of the opinion that Canada Express Entry system is flawed since it seems to ignore talented and work-experience equipped people. It is quite surprising to have such a system of immigration in Canada, they further feel.


Canada Express Entry Selection process requires eligible Canada permanent residency candidates to make expression of interest for Canada immigration. And it is thereafter that Canada government offers invitations to foreigners from such a pool of applicants to make application for Canada permanent residency under a points based system.


Those having an offer of job from Canada employer or any Canada provincial nomination get 600 out of 1,200 points. Candidates need an offer of job from Canada province mostly. And employer needs to get a positive LMIA for filing the vacancy.


It may be worth mentioned that majority of Canada foreign graduates are considered eligible for Canada open work permit after successful completion of their study program. Such work permit is valid for maximum of three years duration.