Immigrants Await Eligibility details on Executive Order

United States, 8th December: Undocumented immigrants in the US are keen to know the details of the eligibility criteria following the US President Obama’s Executive Action.

Who are undocumented immigrants not eligible for Obama Executive ActionImmigrants want to know whether they qualify for the executive order of Obama for getting deportation relief or not.

Who is eligible for deportation relief?—Ask immigrants—It’s the curious question on the lips of almost all the undocumented immigrants in the US. Are they eligible to get deportation relief? Yes or no-is the answer that is going to decide their fate in the US. So, it means a lot for them.

<blockquote> Undocumented immigrants living in the US are eager to know whether they are eligible to stay in the US and receive deportation relief under Obama’s latest executive order passed last month or not. </blockquote>

It’s this desperation which seems to be compelling them to flock to the information sessions being held at various community organizations and in churches. Even lawyers are being consulted to know about the benefits or the eligibility for the US President’s Executive Action.

Wait until final orders—legal experts—Meanwhile, legal experts and lawyers are advising undocumented immigrants to wait until the US administration gives any final rules. And they are also being warned not to be swayed by those posing as legal advisers or legal experts wanting to take benefit of their situation in such cases.

Don’t hurry to fill out right now, is the advice of lawyers. As per an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer (Massachusetts), there is no need to making any payments to an attorney for filling out forms right now.

Obama’s Executive Order—Meanwhile, it may be worth mentioned that the order by the US President Obama offers deportation relief for three years to parents of US legal residents and US citizens having lived in the US for a minimum period of five years.

In addition, such immigrants must have clean records, the executive action rules state. The latest US Executive Action order passed by the US President Obama has lifted the limit of age on a 2012 program for those having arrived in the US as children. So, the new ruling means inclusion of thousands of immigrants living in Massachusetts under the eligible immigrants for deportation relief.

So, immigrants, who are not sure of their eligibility, want to know details for applying since they want to receive US work permits and US Social Security Numbers along with a driver’s license after becoming eligible.