Temporary Foreign Workers Must Leave Canada Now

Canada, 8th April: Temporary foreign workers employed on low skilled jobs in Canada must leave Canada at the earliest.

This is due to new Canada immigration rules for becoming effective from 1st April, 2015.

Changes to Temporary Foreign Workers ProgramTemporary foreign workers’ exodus due to new immigration rules—Canada’s new immigration rules becoming effective from 1st April this year will compel thousands of temporary foreigners working on low skilled jobs in Canada.

<blockquote> New Canada immigration rules effective since 1st April, 2015 will mean compulsory exodus of temporary foreigners on low skilled Canada jobs. </blockquote>

Canada has an increasingly high number of temporary foreign workers on low skilled jobs. It has been revealed that Alberta has more than 10,000 temporary foreign workers.

Four in/Four out rule effective 1st April—It may be worth mentioned that the Four-in/Four out rule by CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) was announced on 1st April, 2011. This rule meant a four-year cap on the duration of Canada stay of temporary foreign workers. TFWs(temporary foreign workers) were allowed to stay in Canada for a period of four years under the new rule.

This was irrespective of their stay in Canada prior to this ruling. Hence, the rule will mean the cumulative limit of four years having reached on 1st April, 2015.

Who is affected by the ruling?—Well, it needs to be notable that the new ruling will be affecting all the temporary foreign workers in Canada engaged in low skilled jobs. So, whether they are working in NOC, C, B or D jobs with LMO(Labor Market Opinion) or LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment), it does not matter at all as far as this ruling is concerned.

No new Canada work permits/work permit extensions for affected temporary foreign workers—It further needs to be kept in mind that all the affected temporary foreign workers by the new ruling will not be able to get their Canada work permits extended.

Moreover, they cannot apply for new Canada work permits for a period more than four years until and unless they have moved out of Canada for a period of additional four years or have got other legal Canada status.

How many Canada temporary foreign workers to leave?—Although, it is not yet clear how many temporary foreign workers may have to leave Canada due to new ruling becoming effective since 1st April, 2015.

Meanwhile, Canada temporary foreign workers who have been working in Canada since 1st April, 2011 will find their Canada work visas expire unless one year reprieve has been granted to them.