Worried about expiry of your Canada tourist visa

Fear of getting deported from Canada may be justified for those whose Canada tourist visas have expired.

Misconceptions about Canada deportation process—A point worth notable here is that even among those having a valid Canada tourist visa, the fear of being shunted out of Canada can be noticed in some instances.

And this could be the result of some sort of misinformation with regard to the rules governing Canada immigration.

Facts about Canada temporary resident status--A point to be kept in mind is that those who have come to Canada on Canada tourist visas as students, visitors or workers need not worry about being sent out of Canada.

The only thing is that if they have taken care to submit a renewal application for Canada temporary resident status before their current Canada immigrant status expired, and they are awaiting any decision with regard to their application, then they cannot be removed out of the nation.

A thing to be kept in mind is that the facility of getting restoration will not be available after the passage of 90 days period. However, some other options will still be there. These include having risks to life after moving to one’s native nation, disproportionate difficulties following removal, strong Canada establishments, affect on children etc.

However, if and when Canada immigration department-CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) gives any decision regarding renewal application (like refusal of renewal of Canada temporary resident status), he or she might be asked by the immigration authorities to move out of Canada at the earliest time.

Options for such immigrants —

• Consult any registered and approved Canada immigration consultant or Canada immigration advisor to get the best advice for legalizing his or her Canada immigrant status.

• Making application for restoration of Canada temporary resident status within a period of 90 days after losing his or her earlier status.

Having a positive LMO (labor market opinion) from the existing employment offer, continuation of studies in Canada, a solid reason for extension of visit in Canada are some of the reasons for requesting restoration of Canada temporary resident status.

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