Willing to work in Canada? Learn the process of getting a work permit

Canada intakes almost 90,000 foreign workers every year to deal with the labor shortage in the country. The intake is ensured to assist economic growth and financial stability to the country.
In turn, the process encourages foreign workers to apply for entering Canada deeding on the kind of skill they possess. The first step towards entering Canada is to get a work permit and then only can a person proceed ahead.
The initial steps
You must first be offered a job from an employer in Canada. And this should be followed by the confirmation of your job from HRDC.

You need confirmation from HRDC to prove that a given job vacancy can be filled up by a foreign national and there from you can start applying for a work permit.

Exemptions for certain categories
• Those coming as Business Visitors need not take a work permit and they would not be allowed to enter the labour market directly too.
• Foreign representatives and their family members need not procure a work permit to come to Canada. However, the family members should have a “no objection letter” issued by Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade for working in Canada.
• Armed forces members can work in Canada without a work permit if they hold movement orders according to Visiting Forces Act terms.
• Public Officials coming under exchange program and carrying a formal letter of agreement which should detail a period of work for more than 3 months need not carry a work permit.
• International students can work on the campus itself without holding a work permit. Students belonging to health care field can also take up a job if it is required for completing their training and education.
• Performing Artists and the associated staff need not carry a work permit, although they are allowed to work for a limited period of time only. Such artists are not allowed to work in a bar or a restaurant.
• Athletes and Coaches need not get a work permit.
• News Reporters working for any foreign newspaper, television channel or agency need not carry a work permit to enter his country.
• Speakers who may come as guest or for a commercial purpose or even to attend a seminar need not hold a work permit before coming to the country.
• Organizers and Administrative staff organizing a convention do not need a work permit to work in Canada provided their working is restricted to conventions only.
• Clergy people do not need work permit. This includes someone coming for a religious duty, or even a person coming to Canada as an ordained minister.
• Those coming here as judges and referees, and even examiners and evaluators also need not procure a work permit before coming to the country.
• Investigators and expert witnesses are exempted from the rule too.
• Inspectors for the field of Civil Aviation Department are exempted from the rule, and this includes the Incident Inspectors too.
• Flight Attendants or Shipping crew need not carry a work permit.
• Those coming to the country for providing Emergency Services are exempted from this rule too.
• HRDC exempts people under North American Trade Agreement Professionals from getting a work permit.
• People coming to the country as entrepreneurs and even those coming on transfers within the company are also exempted from obtaining a work permit.
• Common-law partners and spouses of skilled workers, international students also do not need an approval from HRDC for working in the country.
• Those who are already there in Canada as permanent residents do need a confirmation from HRDC to work here.
The important points for temporary workers
They should meet all the requirements and they would be allowed to work for a very short period of time. One needs to meet all the terms and conditions to get a work permit. You will get a work permit only if meet all the requirements for becoming a temporary resident and also those for getting a work permit.
AN applicant should submit all the relevant documents like certificates, diplomas and even transcripts for meeting the eligibility criteria.
Processing Fee
You will be asked to pay the fee for processing your application, if you don’t get an approval then never expect the fee to be returned back to you. Along with this, you must be prepared to meet the cost for medical examination, for passport and of course for traveling too.
The process in nutshell
A request has to be submitted to Human Resources center Canada, this agency would be confirming that the vacancy cannot be filled up by Canadians, or the permanent residents and even the temporary residents, only then will they send in a confirmation for hiring a foreign worker. This is done by marking he offer letter valid, which will further be forwarded to the applicant and there after the processing begins. Every work permit has certain tenure so if you want to get it exceeded then you need to renew the same very much on time. If not renewed on time then you may be asked to leave the country as your presence would get illegal.
Getting a work permit is the most impotent requirement for working in Canada. However, there is long list of people and professionals who are exempted from procuring one. One has to be particular and prompt about getting one.