Why New Comers dread changes to the immigration Laws? What haunts them?

Immigrants coming to Canada go through a series of processes and then succeed to come here. When they do so, they are so fatigued mentally that they don’t want to experience any more change in the immigration system.

The population of new comer immigrants
Most of them are young and hold a lot many requirements that are needed by the country. In fact, many of them have educational qualification from Canadian Universities. They hold work experience from a Canadian firm and they meet many other criteria that could render them fit for the country and make them major contributors to the growth story of Canada.

The aspiration

Every new comer immigrant land up here with the dream and aim of getting integrated with the nation by becoming a permanent resident first and then a Citizen.

Even though they go through a lot of hassles, they want to be a permanent part of this developed nation and want to be here for the rest of their lives.

The Immigration Barriers
Some of the important barriers that a new comer immigrant goes through are:

Language Difficulty: In spite of completing English language Tests, immigrants do face an issue in communicating with the people here on street and even while filling up any kind of documents. Therefore getting a skilled job becomes an uphill task for them.
License: Even though immigrants may have come here through legal route but, the License may not be available for them to work. Creating difficulty in availing a job.
Job hunting: When they come here, hunting for a job is quite a difficult task because of the rising unemployment rates in many of the provinces of the country.

Change in Immigration rules
The recent change in immigration rules which suggest that an immigrant would be required to stay here for a longer period of time than he or she was supposed to before, could be quite a pain for the immigrants.

Views supporting the change
Many believe that if an immigrant wants to become a Citizen of this nation then he won’t mind meeting all the laid criteria. Some also express that those who have a problem with the increased wait time can stay away from the system. They feel that citizenship should not be taken as a “right” but a “privilege”.

Views in concern for the immigrants
Immigrants who have already met all the criteria while coming here, and have been working here for a considerable period of time with the aim of integrating with Canadian society should not be made to wait for a longer period of time.

They also opine that those who have been sincerely paying taxes have been maintaining rules and regulations should be allowed to get integrated as soon as possible.

Becoming a Canadian citizen after meeting all the areas should not be easy going task but should not become too difficult too. The recent changes have brought in a wave of fear for many.