What to Check before checking-in

You need to check a number of things before you finally head to the airport for the check-in.

• Documents—All aspirants need to ensure before heading to the airport that they possess all the required documents. You must check the expiry date of the passport. Several nations require a minimum validity of three to six months for the passport.

• Correct names—Now days, it is being seen that a large number of nations have introduced tougher norms about the required documents. And this also includes requiring correct names of parents and their children if they are travelling together. (many children don’t have the same last name as their parents and this can cause problems. The good thing is to carry a birth certificate-original- for each child).

• Money for holidays—You need money or funds for holidaying abroad. You need to know that using a debit card in any foreign ATM is an expensive option. So, the good thing is to pre-order money through any foreign exchange provider.

• Less baggage is better—Do you know that there are some limits up to which you can take your baggage. For example, British Airways allows 23 kg limit. Less baggage will ease your entry at the Terminal. That’s because many times, passengers have no choice but to keep waiting for hours together for getting their baggage from holiday flights.

• Mobile phones/laptops—If you want to take laptops and/or mobile phones, make sure that they have adequate battery charging since you may be asked to demonstrate these. A better option is to pack them in your bag if you don’t require these.

• Backup is best—To make sure you possess the required information for showing to officials in case you lose your vital documents or your documents are stolen, you must have clear photographs of the various important documents like passport, Pre paid card number, travel insurance policy, Health insurance card etc.

This can prove to be of great help in case(god forbid) your documents are lost or get stolen on a holiday in any nation overseas.

• UK visitors to Turkey—For UK visitors planning to visit Turkey, its being mentioned that they need to make an application for evisa a minimum of 24 hours before their travel. However, this application should not be made earlier than period of three months before travelling.