The well-paid jobs in Canada: Better opportunity for Immigrants

The unemployment rate in the country has been revolving around less than 10% for more than a year now. Yet, there have been larger opportunities in terms of pay package across very many sectors which have been able to satisfy the local population as well attracted the immigrants.

Best jobs in the country

Physicians holding a specialization make an annual income touching the figure of $154,000 followed by Judges who are paid slightly above $126,000.

• General practitioners are not too far away from Judges, and they earn a figure of slightly more than $124,000 annually. Dentists earn more than $100,000.
• Senior Managers, optometrists, Public Administrators make an annual income of somewhere around $89,000 to $82,000.
• Computer programmers earn a median salary of $68,000(approximately), which in some healthy cases could touch the line of $97,000 too.
• Web Designers, marketing Analysts and Web marketing Managers could earn more than $100,000 annually, however, the median salary in these areas could range from $50,000 to even $90,000.
• Copy Writers, Writers, Corporate trainer and even translators get a fat salary in a year depending on their roles and performance.
• Mathematicians who could earn around $66,000 annually can also think of getting a salary crossing the figure of $150,000.
• IT Professionals are not too way behind and continue to earn somewhere between $70,000 to $100,000.
• Pilots are also the frontrunners in terms of high salary earned in the country.

Change in salary
There is another dimension to look at the soundness of job market in the country. And that is by taking a look at the growth in salaries across various sectors.
Psychologists have seen a growth in the salary by 18% which is supposed to be quite high.
Longshore workers have seen a growth by 30% which is otherwise is not a part of “highest paid jobs” in the country.
School Principals have experienced an enhancement in the salary by less than 15%, which is the same as that given to Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist.
Government program Officers have also experienced a growth of not less than 20%.
Engineers holding an experience in a specialized field have been given a growth of almost 30%. The hike has been almost the same for Social, Community and Correctional Service Managers.

An opportunity for the immigrants
The mentioned salaries and hike in the salaries suggest the areas for which immigrants can gear up. They can prepare and redress there, skill, qualification and experience so that they can qualify for the given jobs, if want to be paid well.

Getting a high-paid job in Canada is a dream for many immigrants, who basically come to earn as much as possible. There are professions that could be quite rewarding in terms of money and can also yield a sound hike after the completion of every year.

Immigrants can observe and study the job market quite minutely and then prepare themselves accordingly. Market understanding is a key to reach a well-paid job in Canada.

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