Ways to tackle Deportation successfully

On knowing about that one has been called for deportation one should be aware of certain defenses through which deportation could be avoided.

Some of the following ways outs can definitely help to deal with deportation situation:

Firstly if a person is Permanent Resident then one can file an application to cancel ones deportation on the basis of following grounds. As per INA §240A (a) one can apply for this cancellation if one fulfills following criteria the applicant should be (i) living in the country since 10 years, (ii) supports a clean and moral personality, (iii) has close family members like parent, partner or kids as U.S. citizens or has a PR, (iv) If a close family member (Partner, Parent or Kid) is bound to face very hard situation after the deportation of considered person.

As per INA §240A (b) a person who has still not attained a PR can apply to cancel the deportation if the person complies with the below said criteria’s and could also apply for a PR to stay legally in the country in case the person, (i) is staying in U.S. since three years, (ii) shows a law abiding behavior, (iii) is facing deep and hard problems like marriage fraud etc, from the close family members, (iv) if the deportation is to be followed by extremely difficult situations by the close ties that is parents, kids and spouse.

There could also be transformation of status that could settle deportation, as according to the law a person who is parent, partner, widow or is a child of a U.S. citizen can be considered eligible for adjusting the status of person from unlawfully in country to lawfully stay. The conditional status holders can also get it renewed and can then apply for PR.

Even Asylum could be used to with hold deportations on the following considerations like of some political opinion, if one is member of some prominent social group, real nationality, religious belief and others on getting asylum a person can apply for PR after one year.

One can also get a Wavier on eligible basis showing the problems faced by the one during the separation from the family and close members can also withhold ones deportation.

Lastly one has to be sure that whenever called by the immigration judge one should be accompanied along with an experienced and confident attorney who can expertly deal with the case and ensures the success.

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