Want to study overseas? Canada beckons you

Canada is all set to attract an increasing number of foreign students wanting to study here. Yes, that’s the latest news.

Canada to welcome more foreign students—Canada is going to attract more foreigners wanting to study overseas. This will be done by introducing a new strategy by Canada government. So, this year, more international students keen to pursue studies abroad will be attracted by Canada.

Canada will introduce a new initiative to allow more foreign students to come and pursue studies here.

As per the details, this has been revealed by Minister of International Trade, Ed Fast.

The new initiative will help in fostering innovation as well as creation of new jobs in every Canadian region. And this will definetly give a big boost to the international competitiveness of Canada in higher education.

The number of foreign students to be enrolled in Canada educational institutes is being targeted to be doubled, the Trade Minister affirmed.

So, this will be an aim to lure the best and the brightest foreigners to come, study and work in Canada.

Canada to retain foreign students --That’s not all. Canada will also make sure such talented foreigners are also retained in the nation by enabling them to stay here even after successful completion of their studies in Canada. All this will be done to help give a fillip to the national economy.

So, the target is attracting 450,000 foreign students by the year 2020, the minister clarified. Speaking about the step, Fast said that the government of Canada does give recognition to the fact that international education is instrumental in creation of new jobs giving way to prosperity in every Canada region.

For this, nearly $13 million (Canadian dollars) will be provided to a non-profit organization meant to facilitate increased mobility of students between Canada and other nations including India, China, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey and Mexico.

It may be worth notable in this regard that Canada government’s step of attracting and welcoming an increased number of foreigners to come, study and live in Canada will not have any restricting effect on Canadian students wanting to pursue post-secondary education.

Rather it will further the growth of Canada schools by accommodating more and more Canadians too. This will be due to subsidies available to Canadians for tuition fee.

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