Wanna buy your way to Canada?

Well, let us together discover the new immigration investment options available for purchasing your way into Canada.

Canada’s new investment immigration scheme proposed–Canada is all set to launch a new investment immigration scheme for foreign investors. As per the information, this immigration investment program will be launched by Canada by the end of this year.

Canada is going to introduce a new immigration investment program for foreign high net-worth individuals wanting to buy their way into Canada by year-end.

Details of new immigration investment scheme–The new immigration investment scheme will be a venture capital pilot program. It will require an investment of not less than twice the earlier amount of CAD 800,000. It needs to be noted in this regard that the investment period will be higher than the previous investment time(more than 5-years investment period).

A good thing in this regard is that aspiring high net-worth individuals will not likely to be subject to tougher residency and language rules since such rules are going to be simpler ones.

Canada’s two immigrant investment programs axed—It is already well known that Canada has eliminated its two immigrant investment schemes namely Entrepreneur program and Immigrant Investment Program.

This was done by Canada immigration department CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) in February this year. This was done by Canada for reducing long Canada immigration backlogs.

And Canada also announced that all the files currently in immigration backlog will get eliminated by CIC. So, Canada returned a total of 65,000 applications lying in the immigration backlog.

New Canada immigrant investment programs will aim to fulfil the changing needs of Canada labor market and Canada economy, the CIC affirmed. In the period of last two and a half decades, Canada has welcomed around 3,000 high net-worth individuals to gain Canada permanent residency each year. And this has resulted in getting more than CAD 10 billion worth investments into Canada economy.

All these investments are being used for funding Canadian economy’s needs like reducing debts and offering help to SMEs.

As of now, Canada’s only available immigration program for foreign entrepreneurs wishing to do business here is the Start Up Program. It offers Canada permanent residency to foreign entrepreneurs wanting to do business in Canada. Canada needs to introduce more such immigration investment schemes to lure more foreign entrepreneurs or high net-worth individuals.