Wait for obtaining citizenship gets as longer as four years

Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander has informed through a legislation introduced in the parliament that the residency status would be increased to four years from the previous three years tenure.

This clearly means that an applicant will have to stay longer in Canada than he would before; the application is submitted for becoming the citizen of the country.

Making the announcement
A press conference was organized at Fort York in Toronto, which is the same place where Canada and USA had a historic battle in 1812.

While addressing the Press conference, Chris Alexander said, “The bill would increase, reinforce the values of Canadian Citizenship.”

Other significant changes made in the bill
The citizenship form which was available for $75 would now be purchased at $300 which also four times of the previous cost. Those woo would be caught in any kind of residency fraud would now be penalized to pay $100,000 whereas this amount was only $1,000 before.
Everyone up to the age of 64 will have to sit for language test, which was required for people up to the age of 54 before. This is again to ensure that people keno either of the Official languages of the country.

Committing residency fraud
There is case when people submit false documents to show that they have stayed in Canada for the required number of years whereas they might have actually lived somewhere else.

All this while, an immigrant was supposed to stay in Canada for 1,095 days within a period of three years, before he would make an application for obtaining citizenship.

There are a large number of cases when people would stay in their home countries and they would manage to make documents of stay through agents by paying them a thick amount of money.

Not very long ago in 2012, Jason Kenney, the former Immigration Minister had announced that more than 3,000 people would be losing their citizenship because they had obtained them through false documents, without actually meeting the residency criteria.

The support from the Consultants
Some miscreants coming from feeing countries would manage to make false documents like mills showing living expenses, or even household bills to prove that they have been staying in Canada for the required number of days.

The views of Immigration Minister
Mr. Alexander says that “Citizenship is our most important commodity.” He also believes that no one should be able to misuse the same. He opines that “Citizenship is a weighty privilege which comes with duties and rights, opportunities and responsibilities.”

The country is all set to deal strictly with anyone who misuses the opportunity of becoming a citizen. There is a strong message for those who manage to get false bills and stay elsewhere for most of the times, but, yet, are able to get citizenship of the country. They would have to meet the requirement and go through a language test even if they are above 80 to become the proud citizens of the country.