Wait for obtaining Canadian Citizenship reduced: Applicants have to wait for less than a year

Many of the applicants would be related to understand that they would be obtaining their citizenship even in less than a year of submitting their application.
The estimated calculation
The left over backlog should not be more than 20% by 2015. And this would help the processing of the application by not taking more than few months to award citizenship.

Announcing the Bill
Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander unveiled Bill C-24, which is commonly known as Strengthening Citizenship Act. The reforms have been made in the Citizenship Act which was on-going since 1977.

The effort is to come up with application process which would be efficient both In terms of method and time.

The faster process
The decision making process would be changed from a three step process to one step.

By reducing the number of steps the average processing time should also go down majorly by 2015 to 2016.

There is likely to be a change in citizenship fee too which would be in accordance with the processing time, rather it is expected to go down as it would stick to the actual cost. This will bring relief to the tax payers of the country too. As of now the tax payers had to pay almost 80% of the processing cost.

The criteria to be met
All this while, acquiring citizenship of the country has been a time taking process. But, now, a resident who has resided in the country for a minimum of 1,095 days in four years before he submits his application can actually initiate the process.

In spite of meeting criteria, applicants had to wait for years, probably more than they stayed as permanent residents in the country.

The changes in the rules
The changes quote that the applicant must be present in the country for a minimum of four out of six years. Along with this an applicant should be physically present in the country for at least 183 days in a year.

The applicants will have to be making a payment of processing cost more than they did before so that the burden on tax payers is less.

Immigration Minister says that the “Citizenship is a mutual responsibility and a commitment to values rooted in the history of our nation.”

He expressed his happiness over introducing reforms in the Citizenship which has been prevalent for more than a generation.
He also informed that adequate measures would be taken to deal with immigration fraud cases and also to curb them.

Acquiring Citizenship of Canada is actually a dream for the Permanent Residents. The existing Act made them wait for more than required and hence reforms have been brought in now. With the new process in place the application would be processed faster than before, however, the applicants would have to get prepared to pay more than they had been. This is done to ease out the pressure on tax payers.