US Visa Lottery Program Explained

This lottery system is carried out annually by the Department of State in US. This lottery system provides a number of permanent resident visas (also known as diversity visas for diversity immigrants) available for the natives of the countries citizens of whom are deemed to have low rates of immigration to the United States.

For attaining a United States permanent resident card the Diversity Immigrant visa program is an obligatory lottery program of United States. The other name of this program is known as Green card lottery. The lottery program is carried on yearly basis by means of the Department of State and is performed underneath of Immigration and Nationality Act. Under this act about 55,000 permanent resident visas are provided annually to their natives.

The annually green card lottery program the natives residing in various countries may enter easily. In this program the natives residing in the countries which are entitled towards participating moreover are the countries that have during the past five years have produced a very less number of United Sates immigrants. All the chosen winners must reveal that they possess a two years working experience or a higher school education. Such selected candidates should not engage within the foundation of inadmissibility.

However, this visa lottery system has certain limitations and reservations. A certain amount of the total lottery visas are reserved for use by the NACARA program hence reducing the total number of visas. In addition to that the citizens who are born in the countries which have sent more than around 50,000 immigrants to the United States during the last five years are not eligible to apply or receive a diversity visa.

Those who can apply for the lottery include people who immigrated either through family sponsored, through employment terms or are immediate relatives of US citizen categories. The applicants should not include refugees or asylum seekers, NACARA beneficiaries or diversity immigrants of previous years. Over the years, the US visa lottery system has changed and has been modified with countries eligible and non eligibility changing over the years.

The visa lottery system is conducted at a specific time period across the year and applications for entries to the lottery are also open till a specific time period. After the lottery application process, winning and selection process, winner need to go through a process of identifications and interview sessions which will determine their status of the immigration visa.

In case, the applicants couldn’t apply for the visa lottery, any other person concerned or relative can apply for the lottery, however, the persons for whom the visa lottery is applied need to be there during the interview.

The applicants need to review their status of their entry after they have applied to the lottery. They need to fill out forms available in the Department of State website during the open registration period. However, downloading and filling up of form is not allowed and one has to fill up online during that time period only. This is because the process of filling them online is much secure and paper entries are not accepted according to the new modifications.

The applicants should not wait till the end to apply as there might be problem due to heavy congestion. Apart from that, a single applicant cannot make more than one entry; otherwise all entries will be disqualified. The online form requires all details and information of the applicant for qualifying in the lottery system.

An individual has right to use the Department of State for the Immigrant Visa program under which you can come to know the precise requirements designed for filing a registration application moreover offers the list of qualifying countries. The natives of selected countries can only apply for the registration of lottery. So before applying must go through the website from there you may get an idea of the chosen countries. An applicant under the Diversity lottery registration can be cross charged towards the birth country of the spouse.

For example you can say that the birth country of a parent can be cross-charged for an insignificant child. Also a winner applicant must apply for the Adjustment of status or the Immigrant visa. Here the law of the country also demand proof from the winners at the time of the final application such as the proof of your higher school education or a working experience of two years in an occupation. The entire foreign national who are eligible for applying must mail the necessary information for meeting the requirements of the lottery program. All the winner candidates are randomly selected by the DOS and the information is provided to the winners is by mail.

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