US Visa Interview Waiver Pilot Program becomes Permanent

This has been revealed by the US immigration department.

US Visa interview waiver pilot program becomes permanent—US Visa Interview Waiver Pilot Program has become permanent. This was revealed by the US State Department. This has been done by recent modification to 9 FAM 41.

US State Department announced making the US visa interview waiver program for non immigrant visas permanent.

The program has been made permanent. It’s now published in the Foreign Affairs Manual of the US State Department.

This latest change will facilitate individuals having already undergone interviews and received approval for some US nonimmigrant visas. So, its going to give a boost to US tourism by eliminating any barriers for travelling to the US.

• As per the details, the interview of any US visa applicant can be waived by a US consular official provided the applicant for the US visa is awaiting renewal of his or her US visa in the same classification as the prior non immigrant biometric US visa (within 12 months following expiry of the previous visa in any US non immigrant visa category).

• In addition, the interview of US visa applicants can be waived by the consular officials of those wanting renewal of their US visa in the same category of non immigrant US visa between 12 and 48 months following the expiry date of the prior visa(but such US visa must not be in E,H,L,P or R class/category).

• First time applicants from Brazil for non immigrant US visas in visa categories other than E, H, L, P, or R will also be eligible for getting visa interview of waived by the consular officials.

However, such applicants for US non immigrant US visas from Brazil must be young than 16 years or 66 years or more.

US visa interview waiver program—The US Visa Interview Waiver Program was introduced in the month of January 2012. Under this program, certain US visa applicants in designated nations are allowed to make an application for US visas without appearing for any US visa interviews. This is an effort by the US President Barack Obama.

The US Department of State had initiated this pilot-program for speeding up the process of US visas in certain visa categories. The latest change will help holders of non-immigrant visas to get their US visas renewed well in time rather than wasting their time in trips outside the US for getting renewal of their US visas.

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