US Visa Extensions for Afghan Translators

The US has announced offering US visa extensions to Afghan translators.

US announces visa extensions to Afghan interpretors—Afghan interpreters can look forward to some thrilling news from the US. Yes, its official. The US Senate, in a very rare move favoring bipartisanship, has cleared a legislations for granting an additional US 1,000 visas for Afghan interpretors.

However, these US visa extensions are for Afghan interpreters having already worked for the US military and wishing to come to the US once again.

The US has announced visa extensions for Afghan interpretors in a rare move. This means grant of additional 1,000 US visas for Afghan translators having served in the US military.

The quick approval to US additional visas for Afghan interpreters by the US Senate are a clear testament to hard work, bipartisanship and commitment for keeping the promises to its allies, affirmed a former Air Force pilot. Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-III).

1,000 additional US visas for Afghan language interpreters—The US will be offering additional 1,000 visas to Afghan language translators in a step to recognise their role. Its well known that troops get the much needed intelligence as well as culturla orientation through Afghan language translators.

This brings up the total US immigrant visas to 4,000 for 2014(fiscal year). Nearly 6,000 applications were received even as US SIV(Special Immigrant Visa) program is going to end in September this year.

US lauds efforts of Afghan interpreters–The special US immigrant visas are a wonderful way of recognising and appreciating their valuable role by the US.

Speaking about the move, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State said that the latest legislation will help the US to continue offering visa issuances for the deserving people who have played a valuable role in serving the US.

Many Afghan interpretors have made applications for coming to the US as the war has ended in Afghanistan.

Its being maintained that many Afghan translators feel scary from the Talibans as the former have been working closely with forced led by the US.

Expansion of US visas welcomed—The move has been welcomed by advocates even as lawmakers including John Kerry hope to get the program extended through the next year for helping more and more Afghan interpreters.

Already, 11,000 Afghan interpreters and their families have been benefited from such program, and many more will be welcomed.