US Temporary Worker Visas

For this, any foreigner needs to get a US immigrant visa or a US non-immigrant visa.

While a US non-immigrant visa is for a temporary period, a US immigrant visa is meant for a permanent US residence. US Temporary work visas allow foreigners to work in the US for a fixed duration and should not be considered as a route for permanent or indefinite stay in the US.

For this, any employer wanting to hire a foreigner needs to file a petition and get it approved from the US immigration department—USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) for making an application for a US work visa.

US has a number of temporary work visa categories for foreigners wanting to come, live and work in the US for a certain specified period of time.

Categories of US temporary work visas

• US H-1B visa—This US visa is meant for working in a specialty occupation and needs a higher education degree.

• US H1B1 visa—This US visa requires a post-secondary degree of a minimum of four years in any specialization field of study for working in the chosen specialty occupation.

• US H2A—This US visa is for seasonal/temporary agricultural employment.

• US H-2B—US H-2B visa is for seasonal or temporary non-agricultural employment in the US. It is meant for nationals of only designated nations with some exceptions.

• US H3 visas—US H3 visas are for special education visitor or trainees. Such training or special education should not be available in the native nation of the foreigner. The training or special education needs to be in education programs of children with physical/emotional/mental disabilities.

• US L visas—US L visas are meant for working at any affiliate/parent/subsidiary or a brach of the present employer in any executive/managerial capacity or any position that required specialized knowledge. The person ought to have been in the employment of the same employer overseas continuously for a period of one year within three preceding years.

• US O visas—US O visas are for foreigners with extraordinary ability or achievement(motion picture, television).

• US P1 Visa—For performance in any specific athletic competition or as any entertainment group member. • US P2 visa—For performing under any reciprocal exchange program(artist/entertainer group or individual).

• US P3 visas—For performance/teaching/coaching under a unique cultrue/traditional ethnic, folk, musical, cultural, artistic, theatrical presentation or performance.

• Q1 visa—For practical employment or training and for exchanging culture and traditions between two nations(US and participating nation).