US Student Visa Extension, US visitor Visa for a spouse

And you also want to know about some other important issues including process of getting a US visitor visa for a spouse married to a US citizen.

So, we will give all the details with regard to the above stated issues in details here.

Extension of a US Student Visa—Want to get your US student visa extended and want to know about the process? Here we go. You will be glad to know that there is a grace period of 60-days for foreign students on a US Student visa to prepare for their exit from the US.

So, you must visit your DSO(Designated School Official) for confirming the status duration. After checking the status duration, you will come to know whether or not you need to extend your US student visa.

For those wanting to know whether they need to extend their US student visa or whether a spouse of a US citizen get a US visitor visa or not, here we give all the details.

It is a myth that the validity of the US non-immigrant visa shows the total stay of the holder of the US visa in the US.

The only thing is the validity of the US visa. A valid US visa can be sufficient proof validating your travel to the nation and presenting to the CBP official(Customs and Border Protection) while you are at the port of entry.

So, it’s the CBP official who will determine the maximum time you can stay in the US. You must check the official website of the US Customs and Immigration Service to know whether your US visa can get extension or not.

Getting a US visitor visa for a spouse of a US citizen—Another myth related to US immigration is that a spouse of a US citizen can not get a US visitor visa. The fact is that there is no truth in the saying that being married to a US citizen makes you ineligible for a US visitor visa.

The only thing worth consideration in this regard is that any applicant for a US B1 or US B2 visitor visa will need to provide details of the circumstances and why he or she should get qualified for getting a US tourist visa.

Details about the family life or the professional life of the spouse may be asked by the concerned US consular official. So, you need to convince the official that your intention is to visit only and not to immigrate to the US.

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