US struggle with the illegal immigrants trying to get asylum

The story of Nafissatou Diallo a housekeeping staff in a New York Hotel was much talked about in the May of year 2011. She had forwarded claims of being raped by the then International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss Kahn. He was though of becoming the President of France.

The illegal immigrants in the country
In this case, Ms Diallo admitted that she was present in the country illegally. She also admitted that she concocted a false story about being raped in her home country of Guinea merely to obtain legal asylum in US.

The country has capped the number of legal immigrants coming here, but, there is no control over the entry and number of illegal immigrants coming down. US consider such illegal entities on the grounds of them facing persecution in their own countries on the basis of race, religion and even nationality.

The act to seek asylum

Illegal immigrants present in the country try to put up a false story so that they can obtain a legal status to work or to live here and then later they qualify to become a permanent resident and then a citizen of the country.

When such stories and deportation cases reach the Department of Homeland Security or to the judges of the department of Justice then a proper analysis is made by the official. If the illegal immigrant is never convicted for a crime then the case could be considered in favour of this immigrant. To make him or her free from any kind of persecution asylum is granted.

Exposing the lies
There are many cases like Ms. Diallo which are exposed when one investigates them. There is a story of other Immigrants named Diallo who died in New York City because of police gun firing and he was pretty famous for making false claims to obtain asylum. He had submitted incorrect information like he claimed to be an orphan because his parents were murdered, however, his parents turned up for his own funeral after he died.

Illegal Immigrants learn to make up stories which can gain sympathy for them as they prove themselves to be victims of persecution.
The rising difficulties for the country
The country faces a big rise in the number of applications seeking asylum. In fact the numbers have become double than last year and alone in 2013 there were more than 80,000 applications to be dealt with.
The right measure
The correct measure to deal with such case would be to hand over any such case to the Department of State so that there can be an opportunity to object as well as invest, and hence take a decision accordingly.

Asylum is a matter of concern for many for many of the countries like Canada, USA and even UK. All these leading nations are dealing with the issue of illegal immigrants, deporting them back to their own countries or allowing them to stay here in USA is a matter which needs thorough investigation.

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