US plans H-1B Work visas for spouse of visa holders

And this is going to be a great step for many spouses of US H-1B Work visa holders wanting to join their spouses and work in the US too.

US H-1B visas for spouses too?—Yes, there are proposals by the US government to allow spouse of holders of US H-1B visas to come and work in the US. And this is going to bring smiles of many foreign spouses wishing to come and work in the US along with their partners who are already working in the US.

US may be offering US H-1B Visas to spouses for working in the US soon.

This is being regarded as a step by the US government for wooing the top talented entrepreneurs to come to the US. Several steps are being worked out by the US for allowing more and more foreign entrepreneurs to come and work in the US.

Proposals for attracting talented foreigners–This has been revealed by the US DHS(Department of Homeland Security).

The US economy will gain substantially from such steps if and when introduced by the US government. All such proposals will have the aim of attracting top talented individuals from different nations to come and work in the US.

This will help in creation of more new jobs in the US and give a big boost to the innovative competitiveness of the US.

Giving details about such proposals, the US DHS said the regulations being proposed include norms allowing jobs for spouses of some high-skilled foreigners on US H-1B visas. Also, there are plans for increasing opportunities for exceptionally talented professors and researchers.

All such efforts will make sure the process of US immigration becomes more organized, transparent and streamlined, the DHS affirmed.

As to who might get approval for working in the US, its not clear yet but it appears that only a few categories of spouses of US H-1B visa holders, especially from the tech and science category, may get approval for working in the US.

The US H-1B visas happen to be the highly sought after US work visas by Indian IT professionals. And the move, if becoming a norm, will be a welcoming surprise for spouses of Indians in the US on US H-1B work visas.

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