US Passport, Visas face big delays following system crash

As per the details, the global database of US State Department for issuance of travel papers has crashed. And this could mean huge delays for millions of applicants for US visas and US Passports. This has been revealed by US State Department officials.

Global database crash—delays in US passports, visas—Due to a big computer glitch, the US global system for US passport and US visas processing will face long delays. And this will have a major impact on the applicants the world over.

The US passport and US visa applicants are in for longer delays due to a technical computer glitch in the US State Department’s global system.

It is being clarified that the technical glitch is going to affect applicants the world over and not limited to any specific nation or any particular US visa category or US immigration scheme.

Giving details about the issue, official spokesperson Marie Harf stated that the issue will cause hardships to US visa and US passport applicants. She further stated that the issue is being pursued to correct it at the earliest.

Don’t apply for US visa now—It is being urged by the US State Department to all aspiring applicants for US visas and US passports not to rush for making an application right now. That’s because its only going to worse the delays. So, the time now is to exercise patience and wait until the process gets working to its normal pace.

Millions might be affected due to pile up of applications for US visas and US passports and it is not possible to run the compulsory system checks for approving applications.

The months of summer happen to be the busiest months for the US immigration department due to increased rush of applicants for US immigrant and US non immigrant visas.

It may be worth notable that around 9.1 million US immigrant and US non immigrant visas were issued by the US immigration department in the year 2013.

Although, the US State Department is trying its best to solve this issue at the earliest possible time, but still there is no exact date on which the problem will get solved.

It may be worth mentioned that nearly 50,000 applicants are reportedly hit in a single nation alone. So, the complexity of the issue leading to extensive backlog can be quite well understood.

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