US to offer job authorisation to certain US H-1B visa workers

This is going to become effective in a short period, the announcement further revealed.

Good news for US H-1B visa workers’ spouses—So, here some good news for spouses of US H-1B visa workers wanting to come along with their partners and work in the US. As per the latest announcement, the US government will be allowing spouses of some US H-1B visa holders to get jobs in the US.

US government annouced that it will let spouses of some US H-1B visa workers to get jobs here.

Who might be eligible for employment authorisation?—Well, the most important question that might pop up in many minds alike is who is going to be eligible for the announced US job authorisation(concerning spouses of US H-1B visa holders).

Giving details about the issue, the US Department of Homeland Security(DHS) Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said up to 97,000 US H-4 visa holders are likely to become eligible for making an application for US job authorization.

The company of the US H-1B visa holder needs to get petitioned for a US immigrant visa for the foreign worker to enable the spouse of the US H-1B visa worker gain eligibility for job authorization in the US. Only such a step will put the employee on track for US Green Card or US permanent residency.

After a period of five years, lawful US permanent residents become US citizens. It needs to be noted that prior to this announcement, the US did allow US H-1B visa workers’ spouses to come to the US along with their spouses but were not allowed to get jobs here.

Steps aimed toattract high-skilled foreigners to the US

The latest step by the US administration is aimed at attracting and retaining highly-talented and skilled individuals to come and stay in the US for boosting the US businesses and US economy.

So, the US will help in strengthening its entrepreneurship and innovation.

This will given the US a competitive edge in the global economy, maintained Alejandro Mayorkas, the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.

US businesses are in continued requirement of skilled immigrant and non immigrant workers, Mayorkas affirmed.

Each year, the US issues 85,000 new US H-1B visas. And out of these, 20,000 US H-1B visas are meant for those with advanced degrees.

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