US likely to legalize 5 million undocumented immigrant parents

These are the plans of US President Barack Obama.

Nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants may escape deportation—As per the latest plans being worked out by the US White House, around half of undocumented immigrant parents living in the US may be protected from getting deported.

That’s something great for undocumented immigrants living in the US.

The US administration plans to offer protection to around 5 million undocumented immigrant parents from facing deportation.

Deportation relaxation—a great step--The proposal is being considered to be a big expansion of the rights of the immigrants. It may be worth notable in this regard that several advocacy groups have been asking for offering protection to immigrants in the US living with undocumented status from deportation.

Although, the officials of the White House preferred to remain anonymous, they, nonetheless, admitted the fact that protection could be in the offing for 5 million(50 percent of the total 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US currently) soon if all goes well with the proposal under review.

It needs to be worth mentioned that US President had vowed to make fixes to the US immigration system following failure of the US Congress to take any action on a comprehensive US immigration reform.

Details of the plans—As per the details of the proposals, the US may consider allowign parents of the children born in the US to get temporary US legal status. And the proposed ruling is likely to become effective by the end of this summer.

Foreigners having come to the US through undocumented means or have stayed in the US after the expiry of their US visa are roughly between 11 million and 20 million. The US administration plans to offer protection to around 5 million immigrants with undocumented immigration status.

2 options under the proposed ruling—One proposal will be to enable immigrant parents(of US citizens) to make an application for temporary legal status allowing them to work in the US legally. This would affect nearly 5 million immigrants.

Under the next option, plans are to offer temporary legal status to young immigrants’ parents(young people who have already received deportation deferals under the scheme by Obama administration). This option will impace comparatively a small percentage of immigrant parents.

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