US introduces new non-immigrant visa appointment system

A new appointment systems for US Non immigrant visas has been introduced by the US government in a latest step.

US introduces new non-immigrant visa appointment system—The US has annnounced a new non-immigrant visa appintment system in Islamabad. The new process became effective from 24th August, 2014.

The US has announced introduction of a new appointment system for US non immigrant visas.

The announcement was made by the Embassy and Consulate General of the US in Islamabad and Karachi.

New online US non-immigrant visa appointment system—The US is implementing the new appointment system for US non-immigrant visas at US consulates and US embassies the world over. Aim of introduction of this new appointment system is to make the US immigration process more user-friendly as well as comprehensive. So, it will be replacing the current system of appointment scheduling at Speedex and Amex locations in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, it needs to be worth mentioned here that the two named contractors will have their involvement in the new appointment system too.

New call center too–Aspiring applicants for US non-immigrant visas will be glad to know that apart from the facility of launch of new online system, they can look forward to facilities of a new call center. And they can also get access to more hours for getting the required information by email and by phone.

The good thing is that there will be no charge for getting the information apart from the normal call charges within Pakistan.

So, applicants can get access to call centre facilities from 25th August, 2014. More information regarding hours of the call centre can be accessed by visiting the official website.

Important information—It is for the information of the applicants for US non-immigrant visas that if they have already made payment of their application fee under the old process but are still to get an appointment, then they should contact the call centre at the earliest for arranging an appointment outside the new online appointment process.

A difference from the earlier process is that customers will be required to either ask the call center to create an account ID or do the same themselves and make payment of the fee on the basis of this profile before scheduling an appointment.

All documents and passports will get returned by the US Embassy to the applicant immediately if the US visa application is not approved.