US Immigration: In a week, 2400+ illegal aliens seized!

American Communities: John Morton, the respected director of the ICE stated that the main target of the entire operation is to nab the probable criminal immigrants in the United States. The main emphasis is on the native communities and also being monitored are the deserters, who attempt to break the immigration laws in the United States. “The whole unit that was involved has to be credited since they all shared a common aim of guarding public safety”, he added.

Innocent nabbed too: The authorities have always been on the hunt for such illegal immigrants but mostly the ones nabbed were the innocent. “Most of the times we caught innocent immigrants”, said Audrey Singer, an expert of the U.S. immigration policy. He further stated that the local police consulted many communities in the US. In a number of instances, there were various apprehensions that immigrants would avoid going to the police.

Criticism of Law Enforcement: Since this operation came in to effect in December 2009, ICE has nabbed over 2,000 illegal immigrants and undocumented entrants in to the country. Georgia, Alabama and Arizona are some of the states that have given their consent for such operations while some cities like New York criticize it. Some criticism is expected, as the families will be affected due to stringent law enforcements on migrant communities, reported All Headline News.

Proper Execution: The Executive Director of Communities for New California, Pablo Rodriguez stated that if the entire Cross Check is not properly executed may not prove to be fruitful. “We may witness the same elementary pitfalls as we did in the Secure Communities program and eventually lead to a dip in crime reporting of our country. People now know they may also have to face certain litigation if they report against anybody”, he added.

Unanswered Questions: As already mentioned by the unwelcoming attitude of certain state officials, there are suggestions being put forward to make the operation better. Especially Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York stated that unless certain questions are not answered, New York will stick to their previous methods.
He believes that those measures are the most appropriate for their local safety. The chief apprehension is that even though there is a target to seize the offenders, yet the innocent are being harassed as well. Clear strategies need to be crafted in order to avoid any unappreciated as such.

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