US health care for undocumented immigrants could decline

And this ought to be a cause of serious concern for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US.

US health care reforms to cut back some services—US President Barack Obama’s reforms to health care are threatening to cut back some of its services in case hospitals and health care clinics in the nation get a rush of patients who have been insured recently.

Majority of undocumented immigrants in the US are frustrated in the absence of access to lifesaving treatments and the onus must go to the faulty legislation governing health care system of the nation.

Obama’s health care law aims to offer health care coverage to nearly 32 million uninsured Americans by the year 2019. But there seems to be no room (or concern) for offering healthcare to uninsured and poor patients like undocumented immigrants.

Federal reimbursement for uncompensated health care slashed– Percentage of undocumented immigrants living in the US is going to reach 25 when the overhauled US health care program becomes effective. But the overhaul to health care system will make it difficult for undocumented immigrants to get access to health care in the US as the number of newly insured patients queue up to seek healthcare.

Since, majority of undocumented immigrants are residing in just eight US states, this will affect their ability to get their share of healthcare unless the US government makes efforts for expansion of Medicaid to enable health care program for disabled and poor.

The strain is imminent in communities having an increasingly high number of undocumented immigrants, affirms president of the American Hospital Association, Rich Umbdenstock.

What a strange change?-- For immigrants who have found solace in getting access to low-cost or free health care from the US government due to the increased number of health clinics, this is something unbelievable and unacceptable.

The fact that expansion to Medicaid has been offered by the US government is of no solace since its up to various US states to take a decision whether to accept the deal or not.

Unless and until something is done to improve the healthcare access for undocumented immigrants in the US, majority of undocumented immigrants will be compelled to rush to emergency rooms every now and then even as clinics witness rush of newly insured patients.

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