US H-1B cap opens April, 2014

And this will be for cap-subject US H-1B petitions.

US H-1B cap season starts April—From 1st April, 2014, the new US H-1B cap season for the fiscal year 2015 will begin. So, employers wanting to recruit professional foreign workers must hurry before the annual cap is reached. They must start the filing process at the earliest possible time.

US H-1B cap season for the fiscal season 2015 is going to start from 1st April, 2014. So, start the filing process now to avoid any disappointment.

Great demand for US H-1B visas—The reason why employers must start begin the filing process for US H-1B visas is because the US H-1B visas are in great demand as always. In fact, the demand is going to be even more than the previous year. And it needs to be noted that the annual cap was reached in the first week of April last year.

Around 124,000 US H-1B visa petitions were received during the very first week of April.

So, a lottery was established for selection of US H-1B visa petitions. So, it is advisable that all desirous must submit LCAs (Labor Condition Applications) in the beginning of March 2014 to help getting the filing of US H-1B visa petitions ready before April 2014.

In addition, all required supporting documents need to be ready for the filing process of US H-1B visas. These include education documents, background documents and any other forms. It may be kept in mind that the USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) will reject any US H-1B visa petition received before 1st April, 2014.

US H-1B visas—US H-1B visas have an annual quota of 65,000(cap-subject) each year. And there is a separate allocation of a total of 20,000 US H-1B visas for foreign nationals having any advanced US degree or a master’s US degree.

The US H-1B visa happens to be a good option for employers wanting to hire foreign professionals on a temporary basis for working in the US. Under the US H-1B visa category, foreign workers can get work authorization for working in any specialty occupation.

By specialty occupation, we mean any position needing a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any specific academic field. No wonder, it’s a favored immigration program among majority of US employers.

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