US to consider spousal abuse claims by immigrants

The decision has been taken by the board of immigration appeals of the Department of Justice.

US opens gates for spousal abuse victims claiming asylum—The latest ruling by the US Department of Justice’s board of immigration appeals comes in a Guatemalan woman’s case.

As per the details, the concerned Guatemalan woman had sneaked into the US unlawfully in the year 2005 to get away from her husband. The local police officials in Guatemala had not taken any action despite her repeated requests claiming abuse by her husband. It was cited as a solid reason by the woman for her asylum eligibility.

The US Justice Board has decided to consider spousal abuse in immigration claims.

The nine-page decision announced on 26th August by the Justice Department Board gave a conclusion that at least one eligibilty criteria for asylum was fulfilled by the unidentified immigrant(being part of a specific social group).

New incentive for Guatemalan women to get US asylum–So, its quite clear. The decision will allow Guatemalan women get asylum in the US if they are victims of spousal abuse. It certainly offers a big incentive to Guatemalan for crossing the US border.

How and why? Well, if the US accepts the asylum claim by the Guatemalan women claiming to be victims of spousal abuse, it means US citizenship for their children.

Great! Isn’t it? That’s not all. Apart from the coveted privelege of US citizenship for the children, Guatemalan women also get access to the services of federal health, retirement and education programs irrespective of the fact whether they possess initial education or work skills.

The new breaking decision by the BIA(Board of Immigration Appeals)will enable many Guatemalan women already in the US to make asylum claims in the US. That’s because a large number of foreigners who are victims of spousal abuse will now be eligible for US asylum.

Big increase in US asylum claims likely—The latest decision by the BIA is going to result in a significant increase in the number of aylum claims by the foreigners.

The figures show a big growth in the number of asylum claimants in the year 2013 over the previous year(30,393).

It is being regarded as a groundbreaking decision that is going to have a big impact on the cases across the US, states a lawyer(Blaine Bookey) at the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at UC Hastings College of Law, San Francisco.