US Citizenship may become unaffordable due to proposed fines

This will be due to proposed fines by the recent US immigration reform.

Increased costs of US citizenship—Becoming US citizens will quite likely become a costlier affair for many immigrants following proposals for higher fines(during recent US immigration changes).

US citizenship costs will become unaffordable for many immigrants due to recent changes to US immigration.

As per the details, few proposals are likely to introduce fines of around $2,000 following US immigration reform by US President Barack Obama.

And this simply means increased financial woes for many immigrants wanting to file an application for US citizenship.

More woes for undocumented immigrants--It needs to be noted that this fine of $2,000 will be on top of the fees for US citizenship application. So, the problems are going to increase for those who have been in the US through undocumented ways.

Prior to such proposals, the applicants for US citizenship were required to pay $680 for each US citizenship application. But the amount will be much higher now(keeping in view the latest proposed fines of $2,000).

Consider, for instance, the example of Carmen Zalazar who had been taking babysitting jobs at night too. She is not alone. In fact, there are several others including Hilda Vazquez who are working hard enough(Vazquez has been selling homemade tamales at various offices in South Texas to meet the cost of US citizenship application of $680).

She knows quite well that by gaining US citizenship, she will have more rights in the US.

What is Registered Provisional Immigrant status?—As per the information, the proposed legislation will have a new status named ‘registered provisional immigrant’. It will require immigrants with a provisional status to pay taxes($2,000).

So, this will be the new price for undocumented immigrants(there are nearly 11 million in the US through undocumented ways—undocumented immigrants) wanting to gain US legal status.

The US immigration reform principles released by the House will require undocumented immigrants to pay significant proposed fines as well as back taxes for gaining legal status in the US.

Meanwhile, the Republican supporters of the latest proposed fines allege this is needed to defend against the notion that creating a US citizenship pathway gives way to amnesty. They have begun blaming the US President Obama in case the proposed US immigration reform does not become a legislation.

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