US backlash against foreign worker visas

Many Americans claim that the US H-1B visa program is being misused by staffing firms for getting lower-level and cheaper workers for replacing expensive US workers.

Foreign workers allege backlash in the US—The foreign workers who are on a US skilled worker visas in the US are alleging backlash. Its being states that Americans consider the US H-1B visa program as a tool for getting cheaper foreign worekers for replacing US workers.

Foreign workers are alleging severe backlash from the Americans who consider them as snatching jobs from American workers.

US H-1B visa program—US H-1B visa program enables employers to recruit for a temporary period workers having specialisation in specialty occupations. Each year, a total of 85,000 US H-1B visas are allocated to be used by businesses for hiring temporary foreign workers to work in the US.

Foreign skilled workers on a temporary US visa, i.e. US H-1B visa, can live and work in the US for a maximum period of six years.

Apart from US H-1B visas, many skilled foreigners do come to the US and work here by coming on some other categories of US visas.

Had the US Senate approved an immigration proposal, it might have resulted in higher number of US H-1B visas to be available each year. If the immigration bill had got a green signal, then the number of annual US H-1B visas would have been gone up to 180,000 for each year.

No shortage of US tech workers—Critics are of the view that the US does not have any shortage or scarcity of American workers having expertise in technology.

And they further maintain that any real shortage of such tech workers would have certainly resulted in a rapid hike in wage rate.

On the contrary, they allege that the wages have shown a downfall for those with programming skills in the US while software developers witnessed only a slight gain in their wages in the US.

Nearly one-third of US IT jobs are being grabbed by foreign guest workers even as the US grads have been struggling to get jobs in engineering, science and tech fields.

Its quite bad that even after struggling for 10-15 years while getting degrees and the required experience, Americans are not finding jobs despite being well-equipped for the jobs, the critics maintained.

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