US, Alien Immigrants and The Immigration Reforms

In a handful of past instances the state legislatures have intervened during emergency situations in order to craft the anti-immigrant fear. They approved some racist laws that were not appropriate on grounds of constitutional scrutiny.

Every Coin has Two Sides The main cause of alien immigration lies in the American Lifestyle itself. Right from the colonial days, Americans are habituated to immigrant labor. Each and every street with labor pools such as hiring line, farm, meatpacking plant and construction site, etc. has always employed immigrant labor for cheap. This was out of sheer need for living standards that are easy on the pocket.

Sourcing: Taming the Labor Lion Now, in spite the fact that 99 per cent of US economy is facing real thin economic scenario yet such employment is “in” for alien immigrants and foreign laborers can be exploited to the core for maximizing the profits. Often the large sized companies that drive American economy rock the markets on sheer grounds of immigrant employment. This same tradition lead to outsource custom as well. Though the outsourcing now seems like a shredding the Great American Dream as with labor the capital goes beyond borders as well.

The Unvocal Message Since forever, the foreign labor has been fueling American economy at times as slaves and at times as cheap labor. Thus, the big question of eliminating all the immigrants is of course not possible though the minority communities since ever shouted “parcel them back to their lands.” Majority of the Americans understand the strong connection of that immigrant labor contributes toward America’s success and that is the reason behind some sates back the trend of Alabama-Arizona.

The Economic and Labor Balance There is a real delicate balance between the skilled labor and the unskilled labor and cheap undocumented immigrants are a part of this entire balance. If this balance is tampered the large sized organizations have a choice to hire the natives at higher rates but it shall minimize their profits. On the other hand the mid-sized and small organizations are bound to collapse as they do not have such an option for obvious reasons.

Then, why the chaos? The American Economy registers a loss of over 30 billion as undocumented wages. In addition to this they even lose the capital revenues and the tax revenues. Thus, to tame this alien passage the immigration needs a through streamlining as no immigration bill that had been put forward so far has a perfect solution to the American Dream’s so called problem.

Better Late than Never Sooner or later the border will be secured and immigration process will be more harsh to make a proper filters. It would be good on the part of immigrants if they can make provisions faster and respect the law. Rather than being exploited and work as cheap labor better accept the challenge and make yourself competent to be welcomed rather than shunned. After all as a wise man said, “dignity and pride cost far more than bread and butter.”