US Affordable Care Act—Not for undocumented immigrants

Yes, that’s quite true. This is despite the remedies by the US President Barack Obama to the US Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare not for undocumented immigrants—Undocumented immigrants in the US will not be covered by the Affordable Care Act.

And this is certainly bad news for thousands of undocumented immigrants living here. As per the details, nearly one-seventh of the total 7 million people living in California don’t have insurance and Obamacare will not include such people for the purpose of getting health insurance coverage.

Obama health care act, Affordable Care Act, will not cover thousands of undocumented immigrants in California).

Apathy of undocumented immigrants—no access to enhanced US healthcare—The fact is that despite several affirmations by the US President for providing healthcare insurance, the undocumented immigrants’ condition, in terms of getting healthcare coverage, will be pathetic.

Most of the undocumented immigrants living in California, who happen to be poor, will not have any access to US health care.

What this simply means is that an increasingly bigger percentage of the young members from the insurance.

And this is despite the fact that the US is denying healthcare coverage to those who work, pay taxes and got to school in California, quips senior vice president of California Endowment(a nonpartisan health foundation), Daniel Zingale.

Affordable Care Act—Affordable Care Act is an immigration reform signed in 2010. It was meant to offer insurance coverage to millions of people not having health insurance coverage including undocumented immigrants.

As per ACA(Affordable Care Act), Americans are required to buy health insurance. It is aimed at helping in spreading the provision of health care costs to those who require by including healthy as well young people in the pool of insurance risk

And a penalty will be required from those not having coverage in the year 2014 on their tax return(for either 1 percent of their income/$95, greater of the two). And under the current law, those living in the US unlawfully will not be able to get into the Obamacare system for almost ten years even after getting US Green Cards.

The ACA became effective 1st October this year and will require users to get enrolled before mid-December this year for getting coverage in January or wait until February for trying again. If anyone misses the next deadline of 30th March, there will be a penalty fee requirement.

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